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vb. (eye dialect of coming English)

Usage examples of "comin'".

It was just after dawn when I heard you comin' and we came out to carry you in.

She was out of awd Daisy and ah carried her out of this very byre on a sack and the snow was comin' down hard.

Henn, as you call him, is the chosen one, the awaited one, the one whose comin' will make all right.

Oh rve been 'ere a few times and I've heard some bleedin' awful screams comin' out of that room.

There's just a tail comin' into the passage and I can't get the hind legs round.

When I go in there I want you to play about on the fell, and when I'm comin' out I'll whistle like a pee wit and if there's nobody on the road you don't do anything, but if there's anybody comin', you'll whistle back.

Yo' grandpa was the high-steppinist gentleman I ever seen in my life, but since you been goin' down among them mill folks and factory folks and takin' an intrus' in 'em, lookin' into how things is, some of them King Street people seem to think, scusin' of my sayin' it, that maybe it's yo' father's blood what's comin' out in you.

She's one of them kind of women who's always seein' she gets what's comin' to her, and takes what ain't.

Somebody at the post-office told them so, but her husband ain't ever been to see her, they said, and muther say she didn't think that sounded as righteous as it might, comin' from Mrs.

She's ugly as sin and got sore eyes, and when you see her comin' you run if you see her before she sees you.

And knowin' there's a lot of hard licks in life, and no matter how much you try to do for people they'll do you if they get a chance, and say mean things about you--for there ain't nobody what escapes the havin' of misjudgin' things said if they've got a mind of their own and the will to do their way--we thought we would like to come out here and tell you before you was dead that we sure do love you and we thank you hearty for comin' back.

You've done a lot for us, Miss Mary, by just rememberin' we was livin' and comin' to see us like we was folks, and like it was really true the Lord died for us as well as others.

But if you're not back here by then, I'm comin' after you, SEAL or no SEAL.

But nobody ain't worryin' about what he knows any more, becos we're all figurin' dat when he goes out of there he won't be comin' back unless his funeral procession goes past de house.

Ya couldn't get a guy to testify against a guy that was getting him his liquor, in favour of another guy who was trying to stop the liquor comin' through, see?