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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
be sitting comfortably
▪ She was sitting comfortably on the sofa.
comfortably beat sb (=by more than a few points, votes etc)
▪ He comfortably beat the second placed candidate.
comfortably ensconced
▪ Nick was comfortably ensconced in front of the TV set.
comfortably (=by a large amount, so that you do not have to worry about winning)
▪ The Celtics won comfortably, with a 22-point lead.
▪ Our eleven purpose-built meeting halls and ten executive rooms can comfortably accommodate a meeting for six or a major conference hosting hundreds.
▪ The head, having a fixed volume, can only comfortably accommodate a certain amount of blood.
▪ The role of carer Caring can involve a variety of roles, not all of which can be comfortably accommodated.
▪ That's around 40 more than the prison can comfortably accommodate.
▪ Certainly they are difficult to accommodate comfortably in groups alive today.
▪ Homoeopathy fits comfortably into a more natural, ecological view of the individual and the society in which he lives.
▪ In Morrisonville outsiders were under suspicion until they proved they could fit comfortably into Morrisonville society.
▪ It's light and compact enough to fit comfortably in your lap.
▪ And can R2-D2 comfortably fit in the trunk of a Diamante?
▪ For in fact, Co-operation does not fit comfortably into the Webbs' conception of Socialism.
▪ Just as his clothes were beginning to fit comfortably again, he saw temptation crowding in on every side.
▪ She crooked her elbow, but the baby's head didn't seem to fit comfortably into it.
▪ Unlike the others, which were basically snapshots, this was one which would have fitted comfortably in any model's portfolio.
▪ All rooms are comfortably furnished and have their own shower and loo.
▪ Bedrooms are comfortably furnished, and some of them have excellent views of the surrounding mountains.
▪ All the studios and apartments sleep 2-4 people and are comfortably furnished with private bathroom facilities and a balcony with sea view.
▪ Bedrooms are comfortably furnished, predominantly in wood, and have private bathrooms and balconies.
▪ Bedrooms are comfortably furnished, those in the Alte Post a telephone, radio and easy chairs.
▪ The hotel bedrooms are comfortably furnished and all have a telephone.
▪ They are comfortably furnished and most have a hair dryer.
▪ The rooms are very comfortably furnished with carpets and modern bathrooms and have telephones and music systems.
▪ They lived comfortably in a house built in King Edward's reign.
▪ He could live comfortably without a job for the rest of his life, though that is not the Dole way.
▪ They had their own flats, a car, were able to live comfortably.
▪ And it became increasingly clear to his closest friends that he could not live comfortably with success.
▪ We found living comfortably in really nice accommodation provided by the Salvation Army.
▪ I could live comfortably with the knowledge of those nights with Fergus that should never have happened.
▪ Either they are so dehumanized that they don't care or else they have learned to live comfortably with their guilt.
▪ His feet were resting comfortably on the ship's control panel.
▪ The patient was said to be resting comfortably.
▪ Most of the time, however, the textiles rest comfortably in the ultimate closet.
▪ He was resting comfortably at home last night.
▪ The rescue services have more important things to do than look for windsurfers who are comfortably seated in the bar!
▪ I noticed an artilleryman seated comfortably behind a Very large tree, and apparently feeling very secure.
▪ Both the patient and the nurse should be seated comfortably and some effort should be made to ensure privacy.
▪ They were twin Siamese, one too comfortably settled on the bed to do more than twitch an ear.
▪ Love Thirty will sit comfortably on any coffee table, any bookstall.
Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and remember a time when you were very pleased with an accomplishment.
▪ Its two suites boasted whirlpool baths in which three could sit comfortably and four even more so.
▪ Lie down or sit comfortably in a chair that supports your head.
▪ Such a system can sit comfortably on the table in an interview room.
▪ Is there a place to comfortably sit down and have a conversation without shouting?
▪ Certainly, such views as these do not sit comfortably with managerialism and are equally at odds with restricted professionality.
▪ Manchester United are sitting comfortably at the top of Group A after four matches.
▪ Shortly the three of us were sitting comfortably before a well-stoked fire, toddies in hand.
Sitting comfortably is also important, and preferably as close as possible, facing each other.
▪ He was sitting comfortably in the crew lounge, reading a newspaper.
▪ This involves sitting comfortably with your back and head erect.
▪ There was room for about fifty women sitting comfortably on either side of the cloth.
▪ Polls show Clinton is winning comfortably over poor, frozen Dole.
▪ Clinton aides claimed that their own polling showed their man winning comfortably, a steady seven points ahead of Bush.
▪ The final match against the local Lozère Regional Select U21s was won comfortably 54-3.
▪ Translated into electoral votes - there are 538 - that meant Clinton comfortably winning the number needed.
▪ It brought 40,000 people to Clyde football club's ground, where Lynch won comfortably.
▪ Management developers will need to help managers to work comfortably within a clash of values.
▪ Good community care services work best where skilled professionals work comfortably hand-in-hand with unskilled staff, families, neighbours and voluntary organizations.
▪ He can work comfortably and easily despite the weight and restriction of the line fastened to his collar.
not sit well/easily/comfortably (with sb)
▪ Certainly, such views as these do not sit comfortably with managerialism and are equally at odds with restricted professionality.
▪ He had never before been accused of stealing and it did not sit well with him.
▪ One might think a hockey fan would not sit easily at a sewing machine piecing together patches for a quilt.
▪ The adornment, thought Eloise smugly, would not sit well amidst so much blubber.
▪ The closures, which began late last month, does not sit well with many of the regulars.
▪ The populist vision of a peasant landholding democracy does not sit easily with alternative visions of women's rights.
▪ The volatility and their non-guaranteed status do not sit comfortably with the official line linking the two benefits.
▪ This conviction did not sit well either with regimental soldiering or with Whitehall.
▪ Analysts say that workers should save 18% of their income to live comfortably in retirement.
▪ Buick dealers were comfortably above average in the latest consumer survey.
▪ Ellis won the race comfortably by 2.7 seconds over Conrad.
▪ The mosquitoes aren't too bad here, so you should be able to sleep comfortably.
▪ The Tough Traveler backpack will comfortably fit children up to 4'6" tall.
▪ For most of the game they were able quite comfortably to hold the Norwich front line.
▪ None of them parented comfortably, though they all dedicated themselves to the task.
▪ Parents are encouraged to ensure that the child is seated safely and comfortably.
▪ The grass simply evolves into underwater grass and seems to exist equally comfortably waving dreamily around, endlessly drowning.
▪ They become comfortably heavy-bodied, even cumbersome, and bumble their way through life at a more relaxed pace.
▪ They packed all of that into a program that runs comfortably on an ordinary Power Mac.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Comfortably \Com"fort*a*bly\, adv. In a comfortable or comforting manner.

Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem.
--Is. xl. 2.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "pleasantly, enjoyably," from comfortable + -ly (2). Meaning "in a state of comfort" is 1630s.


adv. In a comfortable manner.

  1. adv. in mental comfort; without stress; "he works comfortably on three continents"

  2. in physical comfort; "she could have been lying comfortably in bed getting the same relief" [ant: uncomfortably]

  3. in financial comfort; "They live well"; "she has been able to live comfortably since her husband died" [syn: well]

Usage examples of "comfortably".

Petrie had his arm around Adelaide and his left leg hooked comfortably over the side of the settee, and he cursed under his breath.

Chauvelin was waiting a few meters away, seated comfortably in the shade of a bellflower tree, a luncheon tray beside him and a data manager resting in his lap.

The apartment was simply but comfortably furnished, with white walls, cushioned divans, and handsome Bokharan rugs.

Occasionally a light sifting of snow whitened the ground during the night, and at last we were given stout bracae of deerhide to wear and slept hi bearskins quite comfortably.

Pausing at his Range-Rover, the man from Brompton Agricultural produced a lap-top computer which he held comfortably in the crook of his arm, tapping in calculations as he walked.

That much was evinced by the fact that Burkitt was keeping his hand resting comfortably and securely on the butt of his weapon, which was tucked in his right holster.

After the Pacheco case and up until this Joe Mondragon thing, Bloom had once again comfortably immersed himself in the endless petty squabbles, divorces, and mundane litigations of the poor people of Chamisa County.

On this cloud reclined two djinn, resting comfortably among the ephemeral mists as they might have rested on the finest cushions of the most luxurious couch.

So while your David digs in the desert sands, Lady Margaret will comfortably await him.

Two days before the exams began Nabokov had warned his mother that if he knew he had failed he would come straight to Berlin on June 1 without waiting out the term, but as they progressed he realized he would pass comfortably enough.

The book ends with a look at the latest thinking on the origins of life, a question made much more interesting by the discovery of extremophiles -- creatures that live comfortably in environments formerly considered hostile to life, such as under the arctic ice or in acid pools near volcanic vents.

It was the kind of atmosphere that could seem either contrived and fakey, or just pleasantly and comfortably old-fashioned, depending on the skill with which it was handled and whether or not it was used to cover up deficiencies in the culinary department.

Sancho became more quiet and tractable, and, settling himself comfortably in his chair, he held up his face and beard to the firstcomer, who gave him a resounding smack, followed by a low bow.

Pawldo and Daryth slept comfortably, for the ride had been exhausting, but Tristan stood eagerly in the bow, staring in awe at the land and sea around him.

The room was small, and the fire very hot, and I bade the two friends arrange their dress more comfortably.