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vb. (en-archaic second-person singular of: come)

Usage examples of "comest".

Here she wept the more piteously and Sir Pertinax, viewing her distress, forgot his hook and worm, wherefore a fish nibbled it slyly, while the Knight questioned her further: HE: Woeful virgin, whence comest thou?

Dread when thou mayst passe,Every nighte and alle,To Purgatory fire thou comest at last,And Christe receive thye saule.

Thou sayest that thou comest from the Temple of Solomon in the Kingdom of Jerusalem?

The sun brings back the swallows fast,         O'er the sea:   When thou comest at the last,   The days of old come back to me.

But if thou comest to those abodes and to the land of Hellas, honoured and reverenced shalt thou be by women and men.

So Rukrooth dismissed the little maiden from the chamber of the tent, and laid her left hand on one arm of Bhanavar, and said, 'I would know whence comest thou, that we may deal well by thee and thy people that have lost thee.