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n. (plural of comer English)

Usage examples of "comers".

With a shrug, he found a notice that had been attached with unusually long cut nails, announcing an estate auction that had taken place a sixnight before, and he rammed the comers of his own message over the blunt ends of the nails.

The wood flared up, lighting her face from beneath, accenting long lines running from her nose to the comers of her mouth, down into her chin.

When Aletto glared at him, he bit the comers of his mouth and thrust his hands in his belt, to keep them from shaking.

Crossroads had, as he explained, been rare places for knightly spear-runnings, and in his youth it was no uncommon thing for a cavalier to abide for weeks at such a point, holding gentle debate with all comers, to his own advancement and the great honor of his lady.

Those five last comers would represent the multitude, the great concourse of people which follows sovereigns and acclaims them.

General Vincente, on the other hand, whose life had been passed in strife and warfare, seemed ready to welcome all comers as friends and to hold out the hand of good-fellowship to rich and poor alike.

Her complexion is dusky, and her dark eyes are pulled tight at the comers in the shape of an almond.

Roberta warned in an undertone-, though the comers of her mouth were twitching.

Alain stood knee-deep in the river shallows, having challenged all comers to a wrestling match.

Jeffrey stared at Randolph in disbelief, but then he saw the comers of Randolph's mouth curl up into a smile.

Then, as the lady did not release her hold of the gentleman's hand, but led him along, as if he were blind, between the articles of furniture, so that he might not knock against them, Marianne and Mathieu realized that the new comers were the Angelins.