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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1630s, from Latin comoedicus, from Greek komoidikos "pertaining to comedy," from komoidia (see comedy).


a. Relating to comedy.

Usage examples of "comedic".

It was then that he composed the first two acts of Siegfried, and later on The Mastersingers, a professedly comedic work, and a quite Mozartian garden of melody, hardly credible as the work of the straining artifices of Tanehauser.

Part of her unique stage shtick, her comedic ID, was to present herself as a true Southwest chick, a sand-sucking cactuskicker who ate a bowl of jalapeno peppers every morning for breakfast, who hung out in country-music bars with guys named Tex and Dusty, who was a full sun-ripened woman but also tough enough to grab a rattlesnake if it dared to hiss at her, crack it like a whip, and snap its brains out through its eye sockets.

In the distance, three blocks away, a well-known comedic actress from Hollywood has chained herself to some kind of explosive device, alongside a cherry tree outside the grating surrounding the White House.

The comedic possibilities of ambassadorial level appointees who lacked experience outside diplomatic circles were just too rich!

Although the postwar period saw comedic manga eclipsed by narrative manga, laughter remains an important element of the genre and it is this element that I will discuss today.

Akatsuka Fujio Certainly in prewar Japan and even into the first twenty years of the postwar, comedic manga were nothing more than pictorial adaptations of the tales told by comedians and rakugo artists.

From this point on Japanese comedic manga began to free itself of the restraints imposed by morality, educational concerns, and tradition in favor of the pure pursuit of laughter.

Up until this point the characters in comedic manga had always been highly simplified and stereotyped.

Umezu Kazuo, a veteran of mystery manga, brought out his hit comedic manga Makoto-chan at about the same time as Yamagami got his start in the genre.

Meanwhile, banal four-frame manga have continued to be produced and forgotten amidst a dry-spell of comedic manga.

It was what was going on at the time and what still goes on: someone spots a terrific stand-up comic who could become a comedic actor and they want to plug him into a sitcom.