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Comedia (festival)

Comedia is a comedy film festival taking place in Montreal in July as part of the larger Just for Laughs comedy festival.

The Comedia festival started in 1996. It celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2006. For a few years, Comedia was held as part of the Fantasia Festival which also began in 1996.

It gives awards for feature and short films. 2005, Comedia screened 125 short films from around the world as well as several feature length films.

At the 2007 Comedia, part of the 25th anniversary Just for Laughs, the hit French comedy T4xi, had its Canadian premiere (July 22).

Comedia (Spanish play)

In the Spanish Golden Age (Siglo de Oro) tradition, a comedia is a three-act play combining dramatic and comic elements. The principal characters are noblemen (galanes, sing. galán) and ladies (damas) who work out a plot involving love, jealousy, honor and sometimes also piety or patriotism. Supporting characters include comical servants ( graciosos) who assist their employers in carrying out the action.

Largely created and defined by Lope de Vega, the style is defined by a mixture of tragedy and comedy. Originally referred to loosely as "tragicomedy", the name was eventually shortened to simply "comedia".

Comedia (album)

Comedia is the third solo album by Héctor Lavoe. It was released on 1978 under the label of Fania Records. It is notable for the song "El Cantante", which was written by Rubén Blades.

Comedia (consultancy)

Comedia was founded in Britain in 1978 by Charles Landry. It stands for a combination of 'communication' and 'media'. Initially Comedia was a publisher focusing on two areas: how activist organizations got their message across and second it described the dynamics of the emerging cultural industries sector later known as the creative industries or creative economy. In 1985 its sold its list of 70 publications to Routledge.


Comedia or Comédia may refer to:

  • Comedia (festival), a comedy film festival taking place in July as part of the larger Just for Laughs comedy festival
  • Comedia (Spanish play), a three-act play in the Spanish Golden Age tradition
  • The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, referred to by Dante in his own Italian as Comedìa (questa comedìa, la mia comedìa)
  • Comedia (album), a 1978 salsa album
  • Comedia (consultancy), a publishing company
  • SIC Comédia, a Portuguese television station

Usage examples of "comedia".

Mateo and I found ourselves out of the comedia business, out of the book business, out of money, and no longer the printers for the Inquisition.

Con firme y cuidadosa caligrafía agregó estas líneas al manuscrito: Aristú (Aristóteles) denomina tragedia a los panegíricos y comedias a las sátiras y anatemas.

There have been some attempts to link it to a slightly earlier German comedy Comedia von der schonen Sidea, by Jakob Ayrer (1543-1605), but the evidence isn't convincing.

The dwarf who hawked comedias and ballads for him might boast that Mateo had written and performed before the crowned heads of Europe, but I was immune to such braggadocio.

I could imagine him on a comedia stage with the picaros at the fair, the audience alternately in awe and shock from his pronouncements, as he explained how life was but a dream.

I had two reales in my pocket, obtained from the autor of the comedia itself.