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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The free stationery is just a come-on; we want to get kids writing to penpals around the world.
▪ But his basic belief was so widespread that gay men themselves sometimes used it as a come-on.
▪ But it's the undertow of precocious sexuality, the child-woman come-on, that's more worrying.
▪ Four years ago, he was a bit tentative in his come-on.
▪ Hoping against hope that she was giving him the come-on at last, he readily accepted.
▪ Instead there was true obscenity, the obscenity of deceitfulness and come-on lies.
▪ It's a come-on for their other-paid-for-services.
▪ Others want to keep him in action where he is, a historical fact and tourist come-on.
▪ Will women respond to the Republicans' simplistic come-on?

alt. 1 Something intended to attract, as in an advertisement. 2 A statement or sometimes action reflecting sexual or relational interest. n. 1 Something intended to attract, as in an advertisement. 2 A statement or sometimes action reflecting sexual or relational interest.

  1. n. anything that serves as an enticement [syn: bait, hook, lure, sweetener]

  2. qualities that attract by seeming to promise some kind of reward [syn: lure, enticement]

Usage examples of "come-on".

Down along the waterside, the clubs and casinos and bars were opening for trade, trashy games and girls smiling with bright come-on calculation at the squaddies.

The Shadow had simply been a come-on, to make Marge express the sentiments that Gypper was sure she actually felt.

The damn thing was more relentless than the drug dealers in the city, who did their come-on shtick for kids at schoolyard fences, on street corners, in videogame parlors, outside movie theaters, at the malls, wherever they could find a venue, indefatigable, as hard to eradicate as body lice.

Denise ignored the come-ons as she made her way over to the far corner of the tavern, where she knew her colleagues would be.

Fitz was getting his mice now from a cage trap the Hotel Kraft had obligingly let him set in its kitchen, and he had memorized enough additional Italian to shout seductive come-ons and congratulatory payoffs.

She could hear music pumping out of a few doorways, but the exotic charm of it was lost in the bored and repetitive come-ons of the hookers and the front men.

Uptown, where the neon becomes more stylised and the come-ons are more subtle.

He started to yell Huzzah's name, but in the come-ons and hagglings two shouted syllables were drowned out.

But I can't recreate the exact (will try) brilliance of all Japhy's answers and come-backs and come-ons with which he had me on pins and needles all the rime and did eventually stick something in my crystal head that made me change my plans in life.

The lady wiggled her delicate snout and lifted her tail in a definite come-on, and Poth redoubled his effort to reach her.

I am not still fighting the Civil War, and anyway my side won, but these Southern belles-if it sounds like a deliberate come-on to me then it does.