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The Combino is a low-floor tram produced by Siemens Transportation Systems (formerly DUEWAG). The first prototype was produced in 1996 at the Duewag works in Düsseldorf; the trams are now made in Krefeld- Uerdingen.

Due to its modular design using standardised components, and the resulting reduced costs, the Combino was for a time one of the most successful tram types. They were sold to twelve jurisdictions and a further development was sold to two others.

In 2007, a new generation of Combinos was sold to Bern and was known as the Combino XL. This was an updated version of the original design and was intended to correct defects in the original design.

Subsequently, the model was again renamed and is now known as the Avenio M. Fourteen of these were produced in 2011 with 12 going to Erfurt and two to Nordhausen.

The Siemens line has been complemented by a new design of trams called the Avenio, which have been built on the design technology of Combino Plus in Sul de Tejo and Budapest. Unlike the Combino, it does not have suspended sections but rather two axles under each body section. In essence, it is like a train of two axle cars. , the Avenio is on order for The Hague and Munich.