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n. (plural of comber English)

Usage examples of "combers".

I looked seaward where he pointed, and saw the great smoking combers that made the breakers I had been riding look like ripples.

Sometimes one passes through half a dozen combers in quick succession, and it is just about that time that he is liable to discover new merits in the stable land and new reasons for being on shore.

Half a mile out, where is the reef, the white-headed combers thrust suddenly skyward out of the placid turquoise-blue and come rolling in to shore.

As the longboat entered the surf and was carried forward by the combers, Sidi looked once more at the relief on the amulet.

Some of the fishing vessels were already tagged by the winds, and white combers now rolled the beaches.

There was no sound of combers crashing and tumbling, no hiss of exhausted waves climbing far up the sand: nothing at all.

She posed unconsciously, weight on one firm leg, the firelight sending ruby combers breaking across her hair.

Uncle Arthur and Charlotte Skouras together made a nautical combination that terrified the life out of me, because the northern tip of Craigmore was much more exposed and reef-haunted than the south shore of Eilean Oran had been, because the fog was thickening, because I was breathless and bruised from big combers hurling me on to unseen reefs on my swim ashore, because I was wondering whether I had any chance in the world of carrying out my rash promise to Donald MacEachern.

Years ago, on a beach like this in Portugal, Sharpe had watched the longboats broach in the combers and spill their men like puppets into the killing sea.