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n. (plural of coma English)

Comas (Potawatomi leader)

Chief Comas ( fl. 1809-1814) was a 19th-century Potawatomi chieftain who, as one of several leaders of the Illinois River Potawatomi, was a war chieftain during the Peoria War. Although favoring peace with the United States during Tecumseh's War, he and other Potawatomi chieftains were forced into war with the federal government.

Comas (disambiguation)

Comas may refer to:

  • Comas District, Lima, Peru
  • Comas District, Concepción, Peru
  • Érik Comas, a former Formula One driver from France
  • Chief Comas ( fl. 1809-1814) a 19th-century Potawatomi chieftain
  • The College of Management Academic Studies, the largest college in Israel.

Usage examples of "comas".

And those expected to pass on soon might have slipped into comas last night.

According to what I read, a few people have come out of comas demonstrating unusual abilities-especially if there was a head injury involved.

Many people in comas experienced near-death visions of being pulled from their bodies.

And the apprentices were a decent bunch, until the comas swung in from space.

Do you call one death and two comas the result of being in a safe place?

People do come out of comas, you know, sometimes with remarkably few ill effects.

Yes, there were sixty-three Graham Smiths lying in comas but what about the missing Resonance project members?

Mom and Dad less worried about comas than they might have been otherwise.

You were in one of those typical Dykart fever comas when we brought you in last night.