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Comǎna is a commune in Braşov County, Romania. It is composed of four villages: Comăna de Jos (the commune center), Comăna de Sus (Felsőkomána), Crihalma (Königsberg; Királyhalma) and Ticuşu Nou (Rumänisch Tekes; Felsőtyúkos). The commune is drained by the Olt River.

Comana (Cappadocia)

Comana was a city of Cappadocia and later Cataonia (; frequently called Comana Chryse or Aurea, i.e. "the golden", to distinguish it from Comana in Pontus). The Hittite toponym Kummanni is considered likely to refer to Comana, but the identification is not considered proven. Its ruins are at the modern Turkish village of Şar, Tufanbeyli district, Adana Province.