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Usage examples of "coman".

That it had been Caldane, Lord Caineron of Restormir, seemed an especially good omen, since she herself was a Coman with two Caineron grandmothers.

The Coman Matriarch whipped about, skirt belling, to glare at the group huddled around the fire-pit in the middle of the great hall.

Forty-eight frightened eyes stared back at herthe entire Highborn population of the Coman compound, most under the age of thirteen.

She had come out on the south side of the Coman near its eastern end and had turned right because a gust of wind had pushed her that way.

The New Road connected Kraggen, Shadow Rock, Valantir, and Restormir, the home keeps respectively of the Coman, Danior, Jaran, and Caineron.

Lord Coman of Kraggen Keep had recently died without designating a successor.

That left Caineron with the elegant Randir and Korey of the Coman, glowering from a corner.

Ahead was a large tent full of light and activity, guarded by Jaran and Coman one-hundred commands.

Between May 30 and June 2, John Cook, William Stacy, Samuel Gray, Richard Coman, and John Louder testified about the mischief and harm her specter had caused.

One night in 1684, Coman retired with his wife after locking the door to their house.

Soon, Coman stood and motioned the five of them to a private room, where they sat down at a low table.

Junkyard made it out of the inferno and got to his car coman old Cadillac painted pink comand was trying to get the aged engine to turn over.

He walked out of the room, turned, and went down the hall, to the old fire door that faced an alley coman alley now littered with the bodies of those who chose to follow Sister Voleta.

The fame anon thurgh Rome toun is born How Alla kyng shal comen on pilgrymage, By herbergeours that wenten hym biforn, For which the Senatour, as was usage, Rood hym agayns, and many of his lynage, As wel to shewen his heighe magnificence As to doon any kyng a reverence.

To them have I so great affectioun, As I said erst, when comen is the May, That in my bed there dawneth me no day That I n'am* up, and walking in the mead, *am not To see this flow'r against the sunne spread, When it upriseth early by the morrow.