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He was certain the answer lay in the ruined halls of Caer Colur, and certain the companions would find Eilonwy there.

Even if Eilonwy had been taken to Caer Colur, he had no cause to believe Magg--- or Achren--- still held her there.

We have been told of a place called Caer Colur where he might have taken her and have been trying to make our way there.

In their fastness at Caer Colur were stored all their treasures, magical devices and charmed implements whose nature even I do not know.

She stands there now, and the spells of Caer Colur are within her grasp.

As they came closer, he saw the heavy, iron-bound portals, reminders of a day when Caer Colur had been a fortress rooted on the mainland.

Within the walls the ruins of Caer Colur stretched like a great skeleton.

The Great Hall of Caer Colur stretched before him, the crimson haze of daybreak filling its ruined casements.

The shriveled pages swirled in a fiery whirlwind to dance within the shimmering heart of the flame, and as they did, the whispering voices of Caer Colur groaned in defeat.

The towers of Caer Colur swayed, and the ground reeled under Taran's feet.

Now they are gone and Caer Colur lies at the bottom of the sea," Gwydion added.

Chapter 17 The Spells of Caer Colur TARAN'S HEART FROZE, and within him echoed the nightmare memory of another day when he had stood in terror before Achren.

Gurgi had no wish to linger anywhere near Caer Colur, and Fflewddur could hardly wait to show Llyan her new home in his own realm.