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Colum may refer to:

  • Mary Colum
  • Padraic Colum
  • Colum Eastwood
  • the trade name of Mepenzolate

Usage examples of "colum".

Darker, with dove-grey rather than hazel eyes, Colum gave that same impression of intensity, of standing just slightly closer to you than was quite comfortable.

Though Colum continued to look interested, there was an increased intensity in the line of the mouth, and a deepening of the creases that bracketed it.

I was so exhausted that I scarcely paid attention when Colum said "Good night to ye.

All heads turned to the lower end of the hall, where, after a pause for the music to build up steam, Colum entered, followed at a few paces by his brother Dougal.

Deliberate, too, the contrast with his tall, straight-bodied younger brother, who looked neither to left nor right, but walked straight behind Colum to the wooden chair and took up his station standing close behind.

FitzGibbons's meaty hand, I stumbled out into the clear space before Colum, and rather awkwardly curtsied, as I had seen other females do.

There was a stir of interest through the crowd as Colum paid me the honor of getting up from his chair.

The two guards took the terrified girl by the arms and turned her so that her back was to Colum and her father.

Fitz both say as you've quite some skill as a healer," Colum remarked conversationally, extending a finger through the mesh of the cage.

Removing the lid, Colum began scattering seed from it through the mesh of the cage.

And to hear Dougal and Colum speak of Black Brian, ye'd think he was the de'il himself, if not worse.

Come out on the right side in that fight, laddie, and you'll ha' your land back and more besides, whatever Colum does.

To take responsibility for the welfare of others made me feel less victimized by the whims of whatever impossible fate had brought me here, and I was grateful to Colum for suggesting it.

One of the ubiquitous small boys stood without, bearing an invitation from Colum himself.

The deep voice held a note of amusement, and I opened my eyes to find Colum smiling at me in approval.