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n. (plural of colt English)

Usage examples of "colts".

The Colts boomed three times in succession, the shots spaced so close together they sounded as one, and the three men to the right of the front door went down, each one struck in the head, each dying soundlessly, one of them sprawling over the table while the other two toppled to the floor.

The Colts flashed from their holsters and boomed, the twin shots as one.

Sandcastle that had won the 2,000 Guineas six weeks earlier and was hot favorite for the King Edward VII Stakes, the top Ascot race for three-year-old colts, due to be run that afternoon.

On the third day the vaqueros brought a small herd of wild three year old colts down from the mesa and penned them and in the evening Rawlins and John Grady walked out to look them over.

They went to work on the green colts daybreak Sunday morning, dressing in the half dark in clothes still wet from their washing them the night before and walking out to the potrero before the stars were down, eating a cold tortilla wrapped around a scoop of cold beans and no coffee and carrying their fortyfoot maguey catchropes coiled over their shoulders.

Sidler had a pair of matched Navy Colts, worn in open holsters on each hip, tied low on the thigh.

Sidler had been seen to laugh and applaud several times, once leaping to his feet and putting a bullet from one of his matched Navy Colts into the ceiling, showering the front three rows with a white cloud of plaster.

He was leveling the barrel when he was shocked to see twin Colts materialize in the hick's hands.

Corientes Corrientes 56 10 Colts Colt's 63 32 have attempted would have attempted 67 30 Mount Blanc.