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n. (plural of col English)

Usage examples of "cols".

Dars and two Cols nodded and set out on a walk that would cover a fair swatch of territory.

The swords came up, skewering the two Dars, but the Cols landed on the boars and scratched at their eyes.

Lackmore walked to the counter and although he did not like Cols - there seemed to be more of them every month, coming into his Oakland branch office of the U.

Because all the Whites would be going to the polls, whereas only about sixty per cent of the Cols would show up on election day.

As had the desolate, roving packs of unemployed Cols, not to mention the unhappy lower fringes of the white in-group .

There was not even a hint of the susurration of distant tumbling streams and the blowing of the wind through low cols and around high peaks that was always present in the mountains.