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Colom (surname)

Colom is a Catalan surname meaning "dove". Notable people with the surname include:

  • Álvaro Colom (born 1951), Guatemalan politician
  • Antoni Lluis Adrover Colom, known as Tuni (born 1982), Spanish professional footballer
  • Antonio Colom (born 1978), Spanish cyclist
  • Enrique Colom (born 1941), Spanish theologian
  • Joan Colom (born 1921), Catalan photographer
  • José E. Colón, acting Governor of Puerto Rico in 1939
  • Josep Colom (born 1947), Spanish pianist
  • Josep Melcior Prat i Colom (1780–1855), Catalan nationalist politician and writer
  • Manuel Colom Argueta (1932–1979), Guatemalan politician
  • Quino Colom (born 1988), Andorran basketball player
  • Ulpiano Colóm, Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico, during part of 1898