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Usage examples of "coln".

And legend says that when he reached the verdant valley of the River Coln, he paused on a swath of bottomland which rolled out to meet the wolds like a lush green carpet.

Lincoln, sitting on the porch in the crisp early winter evening, seemed curiously relaxed for a man whose party has just been trounced in an election.

Lincoln, thinking he could use her to influence her husband, a technique of advocacy that Breckinridge thought beneath contempt.

Breckinridge knew that Forney owed his Senate job to Cameron and Lincoln, as a payoff for the enthusiastic editorials of his Philadelphia Press.

Lincoln needed the support of War Democrats, the Douglas Dems who fought with the peace-seeking Breckinridge Democrats, and Forney helped the Republican administration reach them in Pennsylvania.

Lincoln knew what it was like to be the son with an anger festering against the father.

The growing impatience with Lincoln, the pervasive feeling in the capital and in New York and Philadelphia that the job of running a war was too big for him, would be Stanton's key ' the South?

Lincoln, but ask yourself this: did you approve of President Folk's war with Mexico?

Lincoln knew he faced a stark choice: either back away from emancipation, ease up on the Democratic dissidents, woo the Republican conservatives, and accept the policy laid down in McClellan's Harrison's Landing planor do just the opposite.

They slipped Lincoln into the nation's capital wearing a felt hat with the brim over his eyes and his coat collar turned up.