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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Collie \Col"lie\ (k[o^]l"l[y^]), n. [Gael. cuilean whelp, puppy, dog.] (Zo["o]l.) The Scotch shepherd dog. There are two breeds, the rough-haired and smooth-haired. It is remarkable for its intelligence, displayed especially in caring for flocks.


n. (dated form of collie English) (dog breed)

Colley (surname)

Colley is a surname, which can be of English, Scottish or Irish origins. The English origins of the surname can be traced to Yorkshire, where the names containing the root 'Col' were a common derivative of the given name Nicholas. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Anne Colley, Irish politician
  • David Colley, Australian cricketer
  • George Colley, Irish politician
  • George Pomeroy Colley, British General
  • Harold John Colley, British soldier
  • Henry Colley (disambiguation), multiple people
  • John Edward Colley (born 1948), original name of John Ford Coley, American pianist
  • Kenneth Colley, British actor
  • Kevin Colley, American ice hockey player
  • Linda Colley, British historian
  • Michael Colley (1938-2013), American vice-admiral
  • Randy Colley, wrestler
  • Richard Colley, British rugby league footballer
  • Richard Bowen Colley (1819–1875), first mayor of Glenelg, South Australia
  • Robert Colley, New Zealand boxer
  • Russell Colley, engineer, early spacesuit creator
  • Samuel Colley, American politician
  • Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon or Minnie Pearl (1912-1996), American country comedian
  • Scott Colley, jazz bassist
  • Thomas Colley MP
  • Thomas Colley, 18th century Herefordshire gentry
  • William Dixon Colley, Gambian journalist

Colley may refer to:

  • Colley (given name), a masculine given name
  • Colley (surname), a surname
  • Colley, Virginia, U.S.
  • Colley Township, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Colley Report, an Irish Government paper on same-sex partnership
Colley (given name)

Colley is a masculine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Colley Cibber (1671–1757), English actor-manager
  • Thomas Colley Grattan (1792–1864), Irish writer

Usage examples of "colley".

Yes, Colley and Garlin are two of our best men, and if there’s trouble later with Molina an’ Perrin, it will be good to have them on your side.

Tubby Colley was short, thick-chested, and confident, a hard jawed man who had been a first-rate ranch foreman before he killed two men and had to hit the outlaw trail.

He glanced at Colley, spat, and said, “I wonder what Kerb Perrin would say to that?

Everything was ready: under an awning that spread the brilliant light stood an upright chair, made fast to cleats, and in it sat Colley the patient, lead coloured, snoring still, and so tightly lashed by his friends that he was as incapable of independent movement as the ship's figurehead.

By this time the audience had dwindled, and many of the remaining ghouls were as wan as Colley himself.

Jack would not have had it known for the world, but he equated the seaman's recovery with the success of his campaign: and from the behaviour of the Astree and Iphigenia over there, Colley was in a fair way to resurrection.

They bridled and said it was nothing so extraordinary--any competent surgeon could have done as much and in any case, they added, with a sincerity that would have caused Mrs Colley a dreadful pang, there was no call for congratulation until the inevitable crisis had declared itself: after all, it could not be said that any operation was wholly successful unless the patient at least outlived the crisis.

All this was very true: Tom Colley, when sober, was a valuable though pugnacious member of his division.

Look - ' 'There is one other person who knows about the ones who died, Mr Colley: the go-between.

Because I mean if I am, this is just ludicrous but I want a lawyer -' 'You're not being charged with anything, Mr Colley,' the inspector says, sounding reasonable and slightly offended.

Stead and the late Archdeacon Colley -- names which will bulk large in days to come -- attached great importance to spirit photography as a final and incontestable proof of survival.

I once talked with Colley Cibber, and thought him ignorant of the principles of his art.

Not that there is much use in your coming, for you will never be able to take Jess back till Sir George Colley relieves us, and that can't be for two months, they say.

No news whatever reached the town from outside, but this did not trouble the inhabitants very much, as they were sure that Colley was advancing to their relief, and even got up sweep-stakes as to the date of his arrival.

John said, "Not that it makes much difference, but their names are Colley and Small.