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Collette is a surname or given name, and may refer to:

  • Buddy Collette (born 1921), American jazz musician
  • Bruce Baden Collette (born 1934), American ichthyologist
  • Ned Collette, (born 1979) Australian singer/songwriter
  • Toni Collette (born 1972), Australian actress
Given name
  • Collette Cassidy, former primetime newsbreak anchor for MSNBC
  • Collette McCallum (born 1986), Australia women's football player
  • Collette Roberts, Australian singer, who performed under the stage name Collette

Usage examples of "collette".

Collette Lucas murdered her husband, Geral dine charged, by dropping a generous handful of amphetamines into his highball, his fourth of the evening.

Collette and Sacajewa, out on the rolling green grasslands of Lakshmi Planum, Akna Montes far to the west, Maxwell yet farther to the east.

Warren had pulled an awfully costly blunder at Bois de Collette in the Cotentin Peninsula that had decimated two companies, but to warrant a P.