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Collett may refer to:

  • Collett (name)
    • including Collett family (Norway), a Norwegian family
  • Collett baronets, a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom
  • USS Collett (DD-730), U.S. Navy destroyer
  • Collett, Indiana, an unincorporated town in the United States
  • Collett Park, on the National Register of Historic Places in Indiana
Collett (name)

Collett is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Collett (Norwegian family), including
    • Axel Collett, Norwegian landowner
    • Camilla Collett (1813–1895), Norwegian author
    • Johan Collett (1775–1827), Norwegian politician
    • Johan Christian Collett (1817–1895), Norwegian politician, son of Johan Collett
    • Jonas Collett (1772–1851), Norwegian politician
    • Robert Collett (1842–1913), Norwegian zoologist

Other people with Collett as a surname:

  • Andy Collett (born 1973), English retired football goalkeeper
  • Anthony Collett (1877–1929), English author
  • Ben Collett (born 1984), English footballer
  • Charles Collett (1851–1952), British chief mechanical engineer of the Great Western Railway
  • Charles E. Collett, American lawyer and 1924 Olympic water polo team member
  • Clive Franklyn Collett (1886–1917), World War I flying ace from New Zealand
  • Elmer Collett (born 1944), American football player
  • Ernie Collett (disambiguation), several people
  • Gilbert Collett (1879–1945), English rugby union player
  • Glenna Collett-Vare (1903–1989), American golfing champion
  • Sir Henry Collett (1836–1901), army officer in the East India Company and botanist
  • Herbert Collett (1877–1947), Australian politician and soldier
  • Jason Collett, Canadian musician
  • John Collett (artist) (1725–1780), English painter
  • Joseph Collett (1673–1725), British East India Company administrator, Governor of Bencoolen and President of Madras
  • Lorraine Collett (1892–1983), American model, the "Sun-Maid girl"
  • Lucy Collett, a glamour model
  • Mark Collett (born 1980), British political activist
  • Nathan Collett, Kenyan filmmaker
  • Ritter Collett (1921–2001), American sports editor and columnist
  • Wayne Collett (1945–2010), American Olympic silver medalist in the 400 meters
  • David Collett (born 1983), Australian musician
  • Rachel Collett (born 1998), British artist

Given name:

  • Collett Leventhorpe (1815–1889), Confederate brigadier general in the American Civil War
  • Collett E. Woolman (1889–1966), one of the four founders of Delta Air Lines