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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Collectible \Col*lect"i*ble\, a. Capable of being collected.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also collectable, 1650s, "that may be collected," from collect + -ible. Meaning "sought-after by collectors of relics, souveniers, etc." is recorded from 1888.


a. 1 Worthy or suitable for collecting on historical/financial grounds, or for meeting a personal aesthetic. 2 Rightfully subject to payment. 3 That is likely to be paid. n. An object which someone might want to collect.

  1. adj. subject to or requiring payment especially as specified; "a collectible bill"; "a note payable on demand"; "a check payable to John Doe" [syn: collectable, payable]

  2. n. things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique) [syn: collectable]

Usage examples of "collectible".

Sollie traded in collectible cars at Ragtops in West Palm as frequently as I switched out DVDs at Blockbuster.

Of the hundreds if not thousands of Elvis items that had been marketed over the years, scores were tackier than these ceramic collectibles, and he had not disapproved of licensing them.

The peddlers did their best to slow him down-"Hey, mon, here we have got tomorrow's top collectibles, get them today while the price is right!

The peddlers did their best to slow him down-“Hey, mon, here we have got tomorrow’s top collectibles, get them today while the price is right!

She had an incurable addiction to collectibles, and her husband's failing eyesight and the Internet had, at long last, granted her ample opportunity to succumb to her vice.

Regina doubted that Barbie had much interest in anything physical from anyone, and in that regard was probably similar to Regina's mother, who for as long as Regina could remember had been far more interested in collectibles, such as cast-iron banks, old coffee and tobacco cans, and trivets, than in wild, erotic same-sex or opposite-sex or even self-sex.

Only this time you pick the colors and we'll put those collectibles somewhere else so there's room for your toys.

I couldn't stop to talk sense with chain-smoking, raspy voiced Darlene of Darlene's Antiques and Collectibles, or my son would explode.

Servants and dozens of hired workers were busy emptying the place of the vast amount of antiques, keepsakes, and collectibles Golga had amassed in his too-brief reign as consul general.

Even so, the table was cluttered with collectibles, including a large leather-bound family bible.

He was already carrying a collecting-gun, and thrust into his belt was a dust-gun with which someone with quicker hands and eyes than mine might shoot down collectible insectoids on the wing.

She moved purposefully on, eyes on the ground, stopping here and there to dig up things that looked either collectible or totally unfamiliar.