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Colle (Bettona)

Colle is a frazione of the comune of Bettona in the Province of Perugia, Umbria, central Italy. It stands at an elevation of 230 metres above sea level. At the time of the Istat census of 2001 it had 114 inhabitants.


Colle or Collé (French word meaning "glue", Italian word meaning "hill") may refer to:

Colle (surname)

Colle or Collé is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alphonse Colle, French sculptor
  • Charles Collé, French dramatist and songwriter
  • Edgard Colle, Belgian chess master
  • Florence Colle, French sportswoman
  • Raffaellino del Colle, Italian mannerist
  • Ronald Colle, American metrologist

Usage examples of "colle".

Caesar, cum iniquo loco pugnari hostiumque augeri copias videret, praemetuens suis ad Titum Sextium legatum, quem minoribus castris praesidio reliquerat, misit, ut cohortes ex castris celeriter educeret et sub infimo colle ab dextro latere hostium constitueret, ut, si nostros loco depulsos vidisset, quo minus libere hostes insequerentur terreret.

Inter marmoreas Leonorae pendula colles Fortunata nimis Machina dicit horas.

Interea Commius reliquique duces quibus summa imperi permissa erat cum omnibus copiis ad Alesiam perveniunt et colle exteriore occupato non longius mille passibus ab nostris munitionibus considunt.

Executive Director Louis Colleta as the Alternate in charge of ECOSOC, that position had been held for the last two years by the ambassador from Australia.

Giuliano, donde spaventosamente facevan fuoco colle loro armi superiori.

They were called Clumsy, Trowneer, Phoebe, Colle, Gerland, Talbot, Luath, Luffra, Apollon, Orthros, Bran, Gelert, Bounce, Boy, Lion, Bungey, Toby and Diamond.

Clumsy, Trowneer, Phoebe, Colle, Gerland, Talbot, Luath, Luffra, Apollon, Orthros, Bran, Gelert, Bounce, Boy, Lion, Bungey, Toby, Diamond and Cavall were not pet dogs: they were the Forest Sauvage Hounds, no subscription, two days a week, huntsman the master.

The second new method of studying the human structure, beginning with the labors of Scarpa, Burns, and Colles, grew up principally during the first third of this century.

Lomax is under greater difficulties with less means, so that apprehend you have little more to expect from this country except the balance which will remain for Colle after deducting the little matter due to me, & what will be recovered by Anthony.

Costruita sui dolci pendii di un colle, aveva avuto l'ambizione di rappresentare in concreto i più.

Where the ice lapped against the foot of the Great Escarpment there were several mensae and colles regions that had become offshore archipelagoes, and these, as well as the mainland coastline proper, sported many beetling sea cliffs, bluffs, crater bays, fossa fjords, and long stretches of low smooth strand.