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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Collum \Col"lum\, n.; pl. Colla. [L., neck.]

  1. (Anat.) A neck or cervix.

  2. (Bot.) Same as Collar.


Colla may refer to:

  • Colla people, indigenous people of Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile
  • Daniel Colla (born 1964), Argentine volleyball player
  • Luigi Aloysius Colla, an Italian botanist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries
  • Colla Uais, Irish king
  • Three Collas, Celtic rulers
  • Colla, Switzerland, a municipality in the canton of Ticino
  • Colla (dance), a type of traditional dance group in Spain
  • Colla (moth), a moth genus
Colla (moth)

Colla is a genus of moths of the Bombycidae family.

Usage examples of "colla".

Milan a certain Brescian named Giovanni Colla, a man of tall stature, and very thin, pale, swarthy, and hollow-eyed.

The Collas, sons of Chuchi Ccapac, rebel against Inca Yupanqui to obtain their freedom XLI.

Amaru Tupac Inca and Apu Paucar Usnu continue the conquest of the Collao and again subdue the Collas XLII.

This Chuchi Ccapac increased so much in power and wealth among those nations of Colla-suyu, that he was respected by all the Collas, who called him Inca Ccapac.

But the Collas preferred to die fighting rather than to become captives to one so cruel and inhuman as the Inca.

The Collas were defeated, most of them being killed or taken prisoners.

Callao, those captains set out from Lampa, advancing to Hatun-Colla, where they knew that the Collas had rallied their troops to fight the Cuzcos once more, and that they had raised one of the sons of Chuchi Ccapac to be Inca.

The Incas came to the place where the Collas were awaiting them in arms.

At the end of the battle the Collas were defeated and their new Inca was taken prisoner.

By order of the Inca, his sons, generals of the war, left the new Inca of the Collas at Hatun-Colla, as a prisoner well guarded and re-captured.

During the campaign an Indian of the Collas, named Coaquiri, fled from his company, reached the Collao, and spread the report that Tupac Inca was dead.

Presently he took the name of Pachacuti, the Collas rose, and chose him as their captain.

As the Collas were one of those nations which most desired their freedom, they entered upon attempts to obtain it whenever a chance offered, as has already been explained.

The Collas had constructed four strong places at Llallaua, Asillo, Arapa, and Pucara.

Besides this they ordered all the Chachapoyas and Canaris to be killed, and their Curaca named Ulco Colla, who they said had rebelled against the two brothers.