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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Colin \Col"in\, n. [F. colin; prop. a dim. of Colas, contr. fr. Nicolas Nicholas.] (Zo["o]l.) The American quail or bobwhite. The name is also applied to other related species. See Bobwhite.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

masc. proper name, from French Colin, a diminutive of Col, itself a diminutive of Nicolas. A common shepherd's name in pastoral verse.


n. 1 (given name male from=Ancient Greek) 2 (surname rather rare patronymic from=given names)


Colin may refer to:

  • Colin (film), a 2008 Cannes film festival zombie movie
  • Colin (horse) (1905–1932), thoroughbred racehorse
  • Colin (humpback whale), a humpback whale calf abandoned north of Sydney, Australia, in August 2008
  • Colin (given name), people with the given name Colin
  • Colin (surname), people with the surname Colin
  • Colin (security robot), in Mostly Harmless of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams
  • Colin the Vet, a fictional character in the UK comic The Beano
Colin (horse)

Colin (1905 – 1932) was a successful America's Thoroughbred racehorse which was undefeated in 15 starts and as a sire appears in the pedigree of the champion racehorse Alsab.

Colin (given name)

Colin (sometimes spelled Collin) is a male given name. Colin is usually pronounced , although some (primarily in the US) use .

Like many given names, it has multiple origins, including:

  • an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name "Cailean" or "Coileáin", meaning "whelp", "cub", or "young pup";
  • a diminutive form of Nicolas (before the 17th century in England, most nicknames had the diminutive ending "in" or "Kin", where the ending is attached to the first syllable, a few remain such as Robin (Rob-in, from Robert), Hank (Hen-Kin from Henry), Jack (Jan-kin from John), and Colin (Col-in from Nicolas));
  • a diminutive form of "Colle", a short French form of Nicholas (Greek), meaning "victorious people";
  • a development of the Norse name "Koli", meaning "dark", a Middle English surname given to those living on property whose ownership was disputed;

In the UK and Ireland, the name is spelt with one "L", Colin; in the US, it is sometimes spelt with two, Collin, reflecting a different pronunciation. It ranked 319th most popular name England and Wales in 1996 and 684th most popular in 2014. It has been moderately popular in the United States and was listed in the top 100 boys names in the U.S. in 2005. In Scotland it ranked 302 in 2014, but in Ireland it is more popular, ranking 88th in 2006. Colin is slowly becoming more popular in the US, making the top 100 boys' names in each of the three years to 2005, with Collin being slightly less popular. In total, the two spellings accounted for around 1 in 300 boys named in the US in 2005.

Colin (film)

Colin is a 2008 British zombie film written and directed by Marc Price. After a successful run in a number of film festivals, it went on to be shown at Cannes in 2009. Applauded for its success despite its low budget, the total cost of production was reportedly £45. The director, actor and comedian Marc Price, shot Colin on a standard definition Panasonic mini-dv camcorder that he had owned for 10 years and edited the film on his home PC using Adobe Premiere 6 software which had come bundled with a video capture card he'd purchased a few years earlier. Facebook and Myspace were used to gather actors to play the zombies.

Colin (surname)

Colin is a surname, variously derived including the given name Colin and the common name in French of some species of bird and fish.

  • Alexander Colin or Colyn (1527/29–1612), Flemish sculptor
  • Alexandre-Marie Colin (1798–1875), French painter of historical and genre subjects
  • Andrew Colin (born 1936), British professor of computer science
  • Andrew Colin (financial analyst), Australian specialist in portfolio theory
  • Christie Colin (born 1982) American archer
  • Denis Colin (born 1956), French bass clarinettist and composer
  • Enrique Colin (born 1982), Mexican professional boxer
  • Fabrice Colin (born 1972), French author of fantasy, science fiction, and magic realism
  • Frédéric-Louis Colin (1835–1902), French-Canadian priest and educator
  • Georges Colin (1880–1945), French actor
  • Gerald Colin (1913–1995), Irish priest, Bishop of Grimsby, England
  • Grégoire Colin (born 1975), French actor, producer, screenwriter, and director
  • Gustave Colin (1814-1880), French politician.
  • Gustave-Henri Colin (1828-1910), French painter.
  • Héloïse Colin (1819–1873), French watercolorist
  • Ian Colin (1910–1987), British film and television actor
  • Jean Colin (disambiguation)
  • Jean-Claude Colin (1790–1875), French priest, founder of the Society of Mary
  • Jürgen Colin (born 1981), Dutch professional footballer
  • Kathryn Colin (born 1974), American sprint canoer
  • Margaret Colin (born 1958), American actress
  • Maxime Colin (born 1991), French football player
  • Mike Colin (born 1971), American D.i.Y. Music Artist
  • Paul Colin (disambiguation)
  • Philippe Colin (born 1979), French sprint canoer
  • Richarno Colin (born 1987), Mauritian boxer
  • Sid Colin (1920–1989), English screenwriter
  • Vladimir Colin, pen-name of Jean Colin (1921–1991), Romanian short story writer and novelist
Colin (river)

The Colin is a long river in the French department of Cher. It is an affluent of the Yèvre and a sub-affluent of la Loire.

Usage examples of "colin".

She saw a thin bespectacled man, dressed in light tweed, make his way absentmindedly to his seat and guessed him to be Dr Colin Makepeace.

High up somewhere amid the cloud of beeches and buttonwood trees, our log cabin lay hid, in a gully made by the little stream that filled our pails with a silver trickle over a staircase of shelving rock, and up there Colin was already busy with his skilled French cookery, preparing our evening meal.

Colin and little Crania, Fionna and her daughter Elen, Briga and Ava, and the aged Dougal clustered around Elen as she broke the seal and opened the parchment.

By the next day, seven-year-old Crania was sick, too, and the day after that Colin took to his bed.

Zachary walked away from her to speak with Sperren and Colin Dovekey, his body posture stiff as though he tried to contain intense rage.

Fortunately, Sperren, Colin Dovekey, and the general had been able to bring him around to consider less drastic measures.

He was a German, from Duesseldorf, and his worn face lit up when he found that Colin had been at Duesseldorf and could talk with him about it.

Davie Fulton, the brilliant young Rhodes Scholar from Kamloops, British Columbia, very quickly established himself as the procedural expert of the Conservative Party in battling the Liberal move, while Stanley Knowles from Winnipeg, and Colin Cameron from Nanaimo, British Columbia, became the chief spokesmen for the CCF.

Colin shouted, and the kennelman, standing on the other side, hauled the door up on its winch.

Colin Maclaurin had laid the foundation of an observatory, and the curious Gothic building, which still stands, is the first germ.

Goodman Colin Mac David a Manxman whom I remembered from when I was a very little girl.

Colin Meadows had been friendly with Helen, whom he saw daily in the Clements office.

The upshot of this visit was that Bradley gave the letter, fastened up by now, with the map inside, to Colin Meadows to post.

It seemed like quite a coincidence that they were here to see Colin, when he was the one in charge of the Metcalfe case.

When Carla Metcalfe opened the door she stood with arms folded, looking from Colin to me and back again.