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Coli may refer to:

  • Coli, Emilia-Romagna, a comune in the Province of Piacenza in Italy
  • Coli Toro Formation, a Mesozoic geologic formation
  • Claudia Coli, a French actress in the 2005 Gabrielle film
  • Eco James Coli (1922-1982), a Chicago tough guy who was an alleged labor racketeer
  • François Coli (1881–1927), a French pilot and navigator
  • Giovanni Coli (1636–1691), an Italian painter from Lucca active in the Baroque style
Anatomy / medicine / biology
  • Fascia coli a synonym for the deep cervical fascia, muscles in the neck

Coli can refer to the colon in Latin in several diseases and species names :

  • Adenomatosis polyposis coli, a protein that in humans is encoded by the APC gene
  • Melanosis coli, a disorder of pigmentation of the wall of the colon
  • Taenia coli, three separate longitudinal ribbons of smooth muscle

Usage examples of "coli".

Otis Coli inserted a du Maurier cigarette in a gold-tipped filter, clamped it between his dentures and lit it.

A loud report would bring Coli and the crew of the tug rushing into the cabin.