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n. coalfish, ''Pollachius virens''


Coley may refer to:

  • Coley (fish), a type of fish, similar to cod
  • Coley (band), a band from the Eastern Townships of Quebec
  • Coley, Berkshire, a suburb of Reading, Berkshire, England
  • Coley, Staffordshire, a hamlet
  • Coley, West Yorkshire, a village
  • Coley, place in the Saint Thomas Parish, Jamaica
  • Coley (instrument), a fictional electronic musical instrument which appears in the novel The Shockwave Rider by John Brunner
Coley (surname)

Coley is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andre Coley, Jamaican cricketer
  • Andy Coley, British rugby league player
  • Doris Coley, American singer with The Shirelles
  • John Ford Coley, stage name of American pianist John Ford Colley
  • William B. Coley, American cancer researcher
  • James M. Coley, Republican activist, member of the 105th Tennessee General Assembly, 97th Legislative District
Coley (band)

Coley is a Canadian indie rock band, from Sherbrooke, Quebec. The band is the brainchild of singer/ guitarist JF Coley, joined by Jocelyn Blanchette on the drums and David Jalbert on bass. Their musical style has been referred to as a "post-grunge throwback to British 60's pop". Their latest album, Crossing the Rubicon, discusses political and social issues facing the Eastern Townships of Quebec and its community.

Usage examples of "coley".

He was half the size of Coley Yunce, one third the weight, twice the age, fifteen times the aristocrat—and very much in charge.

You understand," said the Consul, looking over at Coley, "this is a system of taboo raised to the nth level.

He looked out the tall window of the office in which he and Coley had been talking.

In fact, the difference was so slight that Coley could not lay his finger upon it.

Of course, thought Coley, going on with his musings, it might be something peculiar to Ansash.

Unfolded, Coley discovered the saddle was large enough to lie on, as a groundsheet.

On a sudden chilling impulse, Coley urged his beast alongside hers, and, reaching out, pressed on her jaw muscles until she automatically opened her mouth.

Seeing her bite into it without hesitation, Coley felt his alarm dwindle.

Moreover, it was now wider and more carefully engineered than Coley had ever seen it before.

They did not hold the single reins of their riding animals in their hands, but had them loosely looped and tied leaving their hands free—the right one to carry what was truly a fantastically long-barreled version of the bulbous-handled pistols Coley had encountered in the desert, the left one to be carried in a fist against the left hip, the elbow stylishly cocked out.

The other paused, and Coley noticed suddenly that his belt was not green, like the others, but yellow.

One moment later Coley found himself and the girl on their animals in a dead run for the valley below, with mounted Yarans all about them.

Forgetting everything else, Coley grabbed for the front edge of his saddle flap and concentrated on hanging on.

The yellow-belted Yaran dismounted, signalled Coley and the girl to get down as well, and led them in through a door in the large, rectangular building.

The yellow-belted Yaran went to one of these, apparently at random from all Coley could discover, and held a whispered conversation.