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Colette (; Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, 28 January 1873 – 3 August 1954) was a French novelist nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948. Her best known work, the novella Gigi (1944), was the basis for the film and Lerner and Loewe stage production of the same name. She was also a mime, an actress and a journalist.

Colette (boutique)

Colette is a French "brick-and-click" clothing and accessory retailer. The three floor concept store is located in Paris and contains an exhibition space, bookshop, and a "water bar" serving more than 100 brands of bottled water.

Colette (disambiguation)

Colette (1873–1954) is the pen name of the French novelist Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette.

Colette may also refer to:

  • Colette (given name)
  • DJ Colette (born Colette Marino in 1975), a Chicago, Illinois DJ and house musician
  • Colette of Corbie (1381–1447), French abbess and saint
  • Colette (boutique), a Parisian boutique
  • Antoine and Colette, a 1962 film by François Truffaut
  • Murder of Colette Aram
  • Place Colette, a square in Paris, France
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  • Collette (disambiguation)
  • Collett (disambiguation)
Colette (given name)

Colette is a French feminine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Colette Alliot-Lugaz (born 1947), a French soprano
  • Colette Appel (born 1986), an American pair skater
  • Colette Audry (1906-1990), a French novelist, screenwriter and critic
  • Colette Avital (born 1940), an Israeli diplomat and politician
  • Colette Baron-Reid (born 1958), a Canadian spiritual medium
  • Colette Besson (1946-2005), a former French athlete
  • Colette Bonheur (real name : Colette Chailler, 1927-1966), a Quebec singer
  • Colette Boky (born 1935), a French-Canadian operatic soprano
  • Colette Bourgonje (born 1962), a Paralympic cross-country skier and athlete
  • Colette Brand (born 1967), a Swiss freestyle skier and Olympic medallist
  • Colette Brosset (1922-2007), a French actress, writer and choreographer
  • Colette Brown (born 1969), a British actress
  • Colette Bryce (born 1970), an Irish poet
  • Colette Caillat (1921–2007), a French professor of Sanskrit and comparative grammar
  • Colette Carr (born 1991), an American recording artist, rapper and songwriter
  • Colette de Jouvenel (1913-1981), the daughter of French writer Colette and her second husband, Henri de Jouvenel
  • Colette Deréal (1927-1988), a French actress and singer
  • Colette Doherty, an Irish poker player
  • Colette Fitzpatrick, an Irish news anchor for TV3 Ireland
  • Colette Flesch (born 1937), a Luxembourgian politician and former fencer
  • Colette Giudichelli (born 1943), a French politician and a member of the Senate of France
  • Colette Gouvion, a French journalist and author
  • Colette Guillaumin (born 1934), a French sociologist
  • Colette Hiller, an American actress
  • Colette Hume, a Welsh Education Correspondent for BBC Wales Today
  • Colette Inez (born 1931), an American poet and composer
  • Colette Justine (born 1952), a French multimedia artist
  • Colette Khoury (born c. 1931), a Syrian novelist and poet
  • Colette Langlade (born 1956), a member of the National Assembly of France
  • Colette Le Moal (born 1932), a member of the National Assembly of France
  • Colette Mann (born 1950), an Australian actress
  • Colette Marchand (born 1925), a French dancer and actress
  • Colette Marino (born 1975), an American house music DJ and vocalist
  • Colette Mazzucelli, an American political scientist
  • Colette McSorley, an Irish camogie player
  • Colette Mélot (born 1947), a member of the Senate of France
  • Colette Nelson (born 1974), IFBB American professional bodybuilder
  • Colette Níc Aodha (born 1967), an Irish poet
  • Colette O'Neil (born 1937), a Scott actress
  • Colette O'Niel (aka Lady Constance Malleson, 1895-1975), a British writer and actress
  • Colette Pechekhonova (born 1980), a Russian fashion model
  • Colette Peignot (1903-1938), a French author
  • Colette Renard (1924-2010), a French actress and singer
  • Colette Revenu (born 1944), a French fencer
  • Colette Rolland (born 1943), a French computer scientist
  • Colette Rosambert, a French tennis player
  • Colette Rossant (born 1932), a French-American cookbook author, journalist, translator and restaurateur
  • Colette Sénami Agossou Houeto (born 1939), a Beninese educator and a feminist poet
  • Colette Trudeau (born 1985), a Canadian singer and songwriter
  • Rocio Colette Acuña Calzada, aka Colettea, a Mexican singer and former contestant of La Academia
  • Saint Colette of Corbie (1381-1447), a Roman Catholic Saint