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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Colet \Col"et\, Collet \Col"let\ [Corrupted fr. acolyte.] An inferior church servant. [Obs.] See Acolyte.


n. (context obsolete English) A lower servant in a church


Colet is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Charles-Théodore Colet (1806–1883), French Roman Catholic Archbishop
  • Colet Abedi (21st century), Iranian-American writer and producer
  • John Colet (1467–1519), English churchman and educational pioneer
  • Louise Colet (1810–1876), French poet

Usage examples of "colet".

His later relationship with Louise Colet, a poet, confirmed the pattern set by the earlier Schlesinger experience.

She was an author, the wife of Lucien Colet, and the "Madame X" of the Correspondence.

Let us suppose another Flaubert, who did not live at Rouen, whose life is not that related in his correspondence, who was not the friend of Maxime Ducamp or of Louise Colet, and the Education Sentimentale or the Tentation de Saint Antoine would not be in the least different from what they are now, nor should we see one line of change to be made.