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n. (plural of cold English)

Usage examples of "colds".

Low levels, damp surroundings, and marshy localities not only breed malaria and fevers, but are a prolific cause of colds, coughs, and consumption.

The results of insufficient protection of the lower extremities are colds, coughs, consumption, headaches, pain in the side, menstrual derangements, uterine congestion and disorders, besides disablement for the ordinary and necessary duties of life.

It is efficient in fevers, and for breaking up colds, and is a very valuable, remedial agent in most chronic diseases, assisting in removing causes which depress the bodily functions.

All these conditions indicate that a few exposures and severe colds are often sufficient to produce a train of symptoms, which terminate in pulmonary or other strumous affections.

But I had so much confidence in your medicines, which I had previously used for colds and liver complaint with good results, that I strictly followed your kind advice and continued taking it until I was assured of perfect health.

It may be due to colds, injuries, irritating diuretics, injections, extension of disease from the kidneys or adjacent organs, intemperance, severe horseback riding, recession of cutaneous affections, gout, rheumatism, etc.

All of us suffered from chilblains and cold sores, as well as the colds and coughs that particularly affect those new to London.

In colds, fevers, and inflammatory attacks, warm sweating teas should be taken freely, and hot foot baths, or a hot general bath, employed to assist in equalizing the circulation of the blood and restoring the equilibrium of the system.

The value of an agent which thus improves the general health, insures immunity from coughs, colds, and other diseases, and at the same time produces a healthy and permanent beauty of complexion, is at once apparent.

THE FOOT BATH is frequently employed, as a means of causing diaphoresis, in colds, attacks of acute diseases, and also to draw the blood from the head or some internal organ.