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Cold blood

Cold \Cold\ (k[=o]ld), a. [Compar. Colder (-[~e]r); superl. Coldest.] [OE. cold, cald, AS. cald, ceald; akin to OS. kald, D. koud, G. kalt, Icel. kaldr, Dan. kold, Sw. kall, Goth. kalds, L. gelu frost, gelare to freeze. Orig. p. p. of AS. calan to be cold, Icel. kala to freeze. Cf. Cool, a., Chill, n.]

  1. Deprived of heat, or having a low temperature; not warm or hot; gelid; frigid. ``The snowy top of cold Olympis.''

  2. Lacking the sensation of warmth; suffering from the absence of heat; chilly; shivering; as, to be cold.

  3. Not pungent or acrid. ``Cold plants.''

  4. Wanting in ardor, intensity, warmth, zeal, or passion; spiritless; unconcerned; reserved.

    A cold and unconcerned spectator.
    --T. Burnet.

    No cold relation is a zealous citizen.

  5. Unwelcome; disagreeable; unsatisfactory. ``Cold news for me.'' ``Cold comfort.''

  6. Wanting in power to excite; dull; uninteresting.

    What a deal of cold business doth a man misspend the better part of life in!
    --B. Jonson.

    The jest grows cold . . . when in comes on in a second scene.

  7. Affecting the sense of smell (as of hunting dogs) but feebly; having lost its odor; as, a cold scent.

  8. Not sensitive; not acute.

    Smell this business with a sense as cold As is a dead man's nose.

  9. Distant; -- said, in the game of hunting for some object, of a seeker remote from the thing concealed.

  10. (Paint.) Having a bluish effect. Cf. Warm, 8.

    Cold abscess. See under Abscess.

    Cold blast See under Blast, n., 2.

    Cold blood. See under Blood, n., 8.

    Cold chill, an ague fit.

    Cold chisel, a chisel of peculiar strength and hardness, for cutting cold metal.

    Cold cream. See under Cream.

    Cold slaw. See Cole slaw.

    In cold blood, without excitement or passion; deliberately.

    He was slain in cold blood after the fight was over.
    --Sir W. Scott.

    To give one the cold shoulder, to treat one with neglect.

    Syn: Gelid; bleak; frigid; chill; indifferent; unconcerned; passionless; reserved; unfeeling; stoical.

cold blood

n. (context obsolete outside the phrase '''in cold blood''' English) A state of mild or low emotions, previously understood as a condition whereby the blood has not been appreciably heated by emotional intensity.

Cold Blood

Cold blood may refer to:

  • sang froid, ruthlessness, see Conscience
  • a classification for draft or pack horses, see horse breed
  • Coldblood a Marvel Comics villain
  • "Cold Blood" (Doctor Who), an episode of the British TV series Doctor Who
  • Cold Blood (TV series), a UK crime drama series
Cold Blood (band)

Cold Blood is a long-standing soul- rock- jazz band founded by Larry Field in 1968 and originally based in the San Francisco East Bay area. They have also performed and recorded under the name "Lydia Pense and Cold Blood", due to the popularity of their lead singer, Lydia Pense.

Cold Blood (Doctor Who)

"Cold Blood" is the ninth episode in the fifth series of British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast on 29 May 2010 on BBC One. It was written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Ashley Way. It is the second episode of a two-part story, the first episode being " The Hungry Earth", which features the return of the reptilian humanoid Silurians.

Continuing from the previous episode, alien time traveller the Doctor ( Matt Smith) and geologist Nasreen Chaudhry ( Meera Syal) have taken the TARDIS deep below the ground to the Silurian city where the Doctor's companion Amy Pond ( Karen Gillan), a local man named Mo (Alun Raglan), and Mo's son Elliot (Samuel Davies) are being held hostage. Meanwhile, above ground, Amy's fiancé Rory ( Arthur Darvill), Mo's wife Ambrose ( Nia Roberts), and Ambrose's father Tony ( Robert Pugh) keep watch over Alaya ( Neve McIntosh), a captured Silurian who is the key to freeing the hostages. When Ambrose kills Alaya, the Doctor attempts to prevent Alaya's sister Restac (McIntosh) from wiping out the human population as revenge by offering to share the planet with the Silurians.

Chibnall was elected by executive producers Steven Moffat and Piers Wenger to write a two-part episode about the return of the Silurians. Chibnall wanted "Cold Blood" in particular to be about the mistakes people make under pressure, and conflict that could come out of protecting a family. The episode is also connected to the series' story arc, as the crack in the universe returns at the end of the episode. "The Hungry Earth" and "Cold Blood" were filmed in October and November 2009, with scenes in "Cold Blood" shot in Llanwynno, Wales, Cardiff's Temple of Peace, Plantasia, and an array of locations and sets for parts of the Silurian city, which the production team did not want to look like a cave. The episode was watched by 7.49 million viewers in the United Kingdom and received mixed reviews from critics. Some reviewers were disappointed by the plot and characteristics of the Silurians, but the emotional ending was widely praised.

Cold Blood (TV series)

Cold Blood is a television series first broadcast on October 19, 2005, on ITV1. Three series of the show have been broadcast. The series stars Matthew Kelly as Brian Wicklow, a former serial killer who assists the police with investigations into murders and serial offenders. The series also features John Hannah as Jake Osborne and Jemma Redgrave as Detective Sergeant Granger.

Three official series of the show were produced: two stand-alone feature-length episodes and one final series comprising three individual stories. The show ceased production in 2007 following declining viewing figures; and the final episode was broadcast on January 3, 2008, to a mere 3.98m, a drop of more than 3 million viewers since the first episode.