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n. (plural of cola English)

COLAs (The Shapeshifter)

COLAs appear in The Shapeshifter series of books by Ali Sparkes. "COLA" stands for "Children Of Limitless Ability," a name given in recognition of the children's amazing supernatural powers. There are originally 111 COLAs, including Dax Jones, but in Running the Risk, Catherine Reader drains most of their powers, an attack from which only 11 recover. Following Catherine's death near the end of book five, some of the disempowered children begin to show signs of recovery.

The birth of each COLA was heralded by bizarre weather phenomena, ranging anywhere from heatwaves to localized blizzards in summer. For reasons outlined below, none of the COLAs' mothers survived beyond the child's fourth birthday.


Colas may refer to:

  • Claudius Colas (1884–1914), French Esperantist
  • Emily Colas, American author
  • Fabrice Colas (born 1964), French track cyclist
  • Henry Colas (fl.1393), English MP
  • Paul Colas (1880–1972), French sports shooter
Business and organisations
  • Colas Group, a multi-national civil engineering company based in France
    • Colas Rail, its rail freight subsidiary

Usage examples of "colas".

All had a very limited menu of quickly prepared, broiled or fried foods, and most always offered a choice of colas and root beer.

Colette and Colas, her brother, hid in the woods near the house and waited, tying their horses far enough back so they would not whinny in greeting to any horses passing along the road.

Colette quickly grabbed Colas before he could jump up and expose himself.

And Colas wasn't strong enough to survive even a week in a soldier's camp, given his recent sickness.

Henri had taken Colette and Colas back to his home in Magdeburg when men associated with the political machinations began hunting them.

When he opened the container for Colette and Colas he was surprised to see the BM-59 still there.

For the past month Colas had been riding Josh's bike nearly every day, exploring the streets, alleys, and paths in and around Grantville with newfound friends.

Variations of these colas and other soft drinks were then introduced every year.

The drinking public embraced all these new, soda-based drinks, regardless of whether they were colas, root beers, or citrus.