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n. (obsolete spelling of coin English)

Usage examples of "coine".

Mint, and to make each newly coined guinea identical to the last, some variation in weights persists.

It might have been taken across wastes by caravans, forged into pagan funeral-masks, plundered from fallen citadels, buried in secret hoards, dug up by thieves, seized by pirates, made into jewels, and coined into specie of diverse realms.

Isaac has found ways to reduce the profit that the Goldsmiths reap when they deliver bullion to the Mint to be coined, and they have retaliated by crafting new trial plates of such fineness that Isaac has been hard pressed to mint guineas pure enough.

Warden of the Mint was a profitable sinecure, usually granted to some man who knew little and cared less about coining but who had places in high friends.

Jack Shaftoe was well on his way to being free of the threat of prosecution and punishment for his past work in coining that gold.

Thanks to the accelerated study on Solitudo Hermae, the Hegemonic script no longer looked peculiar to her, but the titles were old-fashioned enough to make her hesitate, mentally shifting from one alphabet to the more familiar coine characters, before she was certain she understood them: The Art of Courtly Behavior, Recollections of a Long Life, Regulations of the Royal House, The Register of the Thousand, and the even larger Register of the Ten Thousand.