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coin collector

n. a collector and student of money (and coins in particular) [syn: numismatist, numismatologist]

Usage examples of "coin collector".

He examined the gold piece with the detachment of a coin collector, running admiring fingers over the embossed pattern of runes and symbols.

He was a coin collector, and he'd add a coin for birthdays and other occasions, or just because he'd picked up something at a show.

The second was a much meatier check from a coin collector who had lost a case of cash from dead nations over the side of his yacht in Lake Michigan and resorted to trying out the only wizard in the phone book to locate them.

I cant operate the phone, not unless I can find a coin collector wholl trade me another Swiss ten-franc piece of current issue.

To tell an archeologist that a smuggler had 'cleaned up' an artifact, was like telling a coin collector that his nephew Joey had gotten out the wire brush and shined up his collection for him.