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Doire Coill was not the largest of these or the most well known, but it loomed large in the stories Jenna had heard.

Doire Coill goes away east and south from here, until it meets the tip of Lough Lar.

Jenna was certain that she would call only whatever fey creatures Doire Coill held within its confines.

As they approached the narrow end of the lake, the dark woods of Doire Coill turned westward and gave way to large squares of farmed and grazed land, defined with tidy stone fences.

But Doire Coill is also beautiful, and none of the tales that I heard ever spoke of that.

Even the trees of Doire Coill are more awake now than I have ever felt them.

Doire Coill, near where Mac Ard, her mam, and she had first entered the forest-less than a year ago, though it seemed that everything had changed in that time.

And there were those we sent into Doire Coill to look for you who never came back.

Before they went to sleep, though, Terrain told me that we would find the path to Thall Coill through the other end of the valley.

Jenna heard the call of the ancient oaks, the green life in the most ancient and lost hollows of Thall Coill, a compelling whisper that rustled the leaves above them, that caused the oaks to bend down with many-limbed branches, that hushed the call of the mage-lights nearly invisible under the canopy of the forest.

She was back in Thall Coill, kneeling on the cold ground with Seancoim hurrying toward her, and she let herself fall.

She would never have gone to Thall Coill, and Seancoim would still be walking in Doire Coill with Denmark on his shoulder.

The day I knew you loved me we had lain Deep in Coill Doraca down by Gleann na Scath Unknown to each other till suddenly I saw You in the shadow, knew oppressive pain Stopping my heart, and there you did remain In dreadful beauty fair without a flaw, Blinding the eyes that yet could not withdraw Till wiMore between us drove the wind and rain.