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n. An anadromus and semelparous salmon, ''Oncorhynchus kisutch'', found in the coastal regions of the northern Pacific Ocean, used as a symbol by several Native American tribes.

  1. n. fatty pinkish flesh of small salmon caught in the Pacific and Great Lakes [syn: silver salmon, coho salmon, cohoe]

  2. small salmon of northern Pacific coasts and the Great Lakes [syn: cohoe, coho salmon, blue jack, silver salmon, Onchorynchus kisutch]

Coho (disambiguation)

Coho may refer to the following:

  • Coho, a species of salmon
  • MV Coho, a car ferry built in 1959 and operated by Black Ball Lines between Victoria, British Columbia and Port Angeles, Washington
  • Coho, code name for Linspire 4.5, a Linux distribution

Usage examples of "coho".

Fatty brought by two steelhead and a Coho salmon he caught, right where Pye Creek empties into the L.

Finally Landa Cohoes - 235 said, "And these creatures have been seen-by humans-only twice?

Gowdy handed the medical kit to Cohoes and turned to jog back toward the scout.

Slowly, along the base of the great stone, they began to move-Ivan and Rissa ahead, Marco and Cohoes following, and Tregare behind.

She looked around-Marco and Cohoes were safe enough and looked as puzzled as she was.

The Committee believed her to be either Florence White, a plain and friendless girl who had disappeared from a steam laundry in Cohoes, New York, or Darlene Simpkins, a plain and friendless girl who had last been seen accepting a ride with a swarthy stranger in Brownsville, Texas.

Amazingly, he made it as far as Cohoes, about ten miles above Albany, where he was stopped by the falls.

Me he sent speeding through the village to tell Captain Bowman to patrol the outskirts of the town, that no runner might get through to warn Fort Chartres and Cohos, as some called Cahokia.

In the first place, Captain Bowman’s company, with a few scouts, of which Tom was one, set out that very afternoon for the capture of Cohos, or Cahokia, and this despite the fact that they had had no sleep for two nights.

A messenger from Captain Bowman at Cohos came riding down the street on a scraggly French pony, and pulled up before headquarters.

Vincennes, and the Cohos, are subject to that council, and they will punish them if they do you any injury.