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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Coheir \Co*heir\, n. A joint heir; one of two or more heirs; one of several entitled to an inheritance.


n. One of several who are heirs to an estate

Usage examples of "coheir".

Mary Waters, the daughter and coheir of Robert Waters, of Lenham, in Kent, wife of Robert Honeywood, of Charing, in Kent, her only husband, who had at her decease, lawfully descended from her, 367 children, 16 of her own body, 114 grandchildren, 228 in the third generation, and 9 in the fourth.

Sir Geoffrey Boleyn, who had been mayor of London, had espoused one of the daughters and coheirs of Lord Hastings.

The king, who set no limits to his bounty toward his minions, had married the younger Spenser to his niece one of the coheirs of the earl of Glocester, slain at Bannockburn.

Pomponia Gratilla, having disinherited her Son, Assudius Curianus, left me her Heir, and appointed for Coheirs, Sortorius Severus, of Prætorian Dignity, and other Roman Knights of Distinction.