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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cogon \Co*gon"\, n. [Sp., prob. fr. a native name.] A tall, coarse grass ( Imperata arundinacea) of the Philippine Islands and adjacent countries, used for thatching.


n. Any of several perennial rhizomatous grasses of genus ''Imperata'', especially (taxlink Imperata cylindrica species noshow=1).

Usage examples of "cogon".

The command car bucked over hummocks of cogon grass while the boys held on to keep from being tossed out.

Here the way was choked with rank cogon grass, growing from eight to twelve feet high.

Mother Earth, and yet it presents a compensation in its gorgeous white bloom, for, like the poppy, the cogon is a show-piece of nature, and she flaunts it in places where beauty is needed, too.

Jimmie had never seen a field of buckwheat in blossom, or he might have compared the cogon stretches to fields in the United States at certain seasons of the year.

The effects of these earthquakes were more notable by the alterations in the topography of the region than by the damage done to buildings, as the latter were of wood and thatched with cogon grass.