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General had influence in high places and Royalty came to stay at Coft Castle.

In spite of its name there was nothing remotely ancient about Coft Castle.

At Coft Castle the Dean and Sir Cathcart sat in the library, a decanter of brandy half empty on the table beside them and their thoughts bitter with memories of past greatness.

The Dean had driven over to Coft to see Sir Cathcart and Skullion stood alone in the biting wind watching Porterhouse row over for the second day running.

By the time the Dean left Coft Castle that evening he was a happier man.

The thaw had set in and this time as Skullion pedalled out to Coft the fields around him were piebald.

By the time he reached Coft Castle the bitterness that had been welling in him since his interview with the Bursar had bred in him an indifference to etiquette.