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Cofix (, a portmanteau of coffee and fix) is an Israeli coffee shop, bar and supermarket chain established in 2013 by Avner "Avi" Katz. Most of the Cofix branches are in city centers, and other popular areas, but some are located in or next to educational institutions, such as the Haifa University and Ariel University.

The chain has 148 branches, most of which are regular branches selling coffee, food products, and occasionally a small selection of other products. The Cofix Bar part of the chain also includes alcoholic beverages, and Super Cofix is a Cofix-based supermarket. The chain offers all of its products at a fixed price of NIS 5 , including in the bar and supermarket branches. The entire chain is kosher.

Cofix is listed at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under AGRI. Upon its entrance into the stock market, it was valued at NIS 90 million (~$ million). As such, Cofix became the first coffee shop chain to be listed at TASE.