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coffee breaks

n. (coffee break English)

Usage examples of "coffee breaks".

You're only required to be at your workstation from eight to five, with a half-hour lunch break and two ten-minute coffee breaks, but if you stuck to that schedule it would definitely be noticed, which is why Y.

There were two floors of offices, and a canteen for coffee breaks where the kitchen and dining room once had been.

We're here to get this done, not make money and take coffee breaks.

So the utility room, used for coffee breaks, all-hands briefings, etc.

Meals could be taken in the large and comfortably furnished dayroom, where the staff not only ate but also did their household planning, spent their coffee breaks, and strategized all arrangements for the elaborate parties often held when the Face was in residence.

An hour from now, when the people in the building start their coffee breaks, that sound will be as constant and as rhythmic as waves breaking on a beach.

In fact, the word had spread, so that down in Chamisa-ville at the Ortega Funeral Home, which handled most of the death from Arroyo Verde to the Colorado border, it became common for Bunny Ortega, Brace Mais, and Bernardo Medina to wonder, sort of off the cuff during their coffee breaks, when Amarante's body would be coming in.

They don't slough off, take coffee breaks, or have to stay home with sick relatives.

In the auditorium Monk had listened to the addresses and circulated during the coffee breaks and thought they might as well all be speaking Martian.