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n. (plural of coed English)

Usage examples of "coeds".

Even the grumpy old professor of Mathematics, who detested coeds, and had bitterly opposed their admission to Redmond, couldn't floor her.

The slightly uppity Duke coeds were among the very finest and most "contemporary" American women.

He studied shapely young coeds, older women professors, and female visitors in the Duke Blue Devils T-shirts that seemed de rigueur for outsiders.

Duke coeds were being asked to sign in and out of dorms, he elaborated.

And then there were the lovely young coeds, long legs flashing by, skirts swirling and flirting, practically begging to be snapped up by a not particularly bad looking former SEAL.

At the momcnt, my biggest worry is that I’ll collapse on the sidewalk in front of the Kappa Omega house and he swarmed by hysterical coeds bearing herb tea.

It was not difficult to wiggle her way into Twiller’s bed, as countless coeds will attest.

Because the store makes every effort to court business from the coeds, it has a liberal return policy.

I circled the building, staunchly ignored a pair of coeds who giggled at me, and headed in the direction he’d purportedly taken.

Romping with coeds thirty years younger was not a problem, and blackmail was pesky-but the color of his tie?

And why don’t you enjoy the sight of comely young coeds while I speak to my niece?