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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
coed exercise classes
▪ Almost all college students live in coed dormitories or in houses shared with friends.
▪ Many coed schools provide excellent education.
▪ I wanted a coed school, and it seemed the most prestigious.
▪ In 1958 Deerfield was still thirty years away from going coed.
▪ Last winter a judge put a vet away for thirty-five years for sinking his teeth into sweet, succulent coed flesh.
▪ Many coed schools provide excellent educations, but the reasons for the movement seem to be less academic than financial and ideological.
▪ Ringwald wastes no time wedging herself between McGaw and his coed girlfriend, Sarah Lassez.
▪ They accepted once-scandalous deviations such as interfaith dialogue, political activism, concert-going, and coed dancing.
▪ A nationwide search was under way for a typical coed.
▪ No embarrassing costumes meant for college coeds would hang awkwardly upon my 40-or-50-something body.
▪ The staff might be young; they look like college coeds running around in their tees and hi-tech sweats.

a. Alternative spelling of co-ed#Adjective n. Alternative spelling of co-ed#Noun

Coed (disambiguation)

Coed or mixed-gender education is the integrated education of male and female students in the same environment.

Coed may also refer to:

  • COED (website) - an online entertainment magazine that focuses on college lifestyle
  • COED, software project created by the US Department of Commerce in the 1970s
  • Coed Records, an American record label
  • Coed School, a South Korean dance/pop group
  • Betws-y-Coed, a village in Conwy County Borough, Wales
  • Llwyd ap Cil Coed, a character in Welsh mythology, whose surname means "trees"
  • Concise Oxford English Dictionary, a popular dictionary
COED (website)

COED is an online entertainment magazine that focuses on college lifestyle. Originally a print magazine, it became a web online publication in 2007. The content is primarily targeted at college-aged men and written by college-aged writers. The website contains news and interviews as well as photography of female celebrities. Posts from COED are featured in publications such as The Huffington Post and Maxim.

In addition to college-related material, the website features entertainment news, interviews, and technology news, but primarily showcasing photography of female celebrities. The magazine has an annual competition referred to as Miss COED. The competition features women attending colleges across America and began as a way to win a spread in the print version of the magazine. Previous winners have included Playboy Playmates Amanda Paige, Jessica Ashley, Tiffany Toth, and MMA fighter Ashley Salazar.

Usage examples of "coed".

And I'm trying hard not to stare at the coed, which is why I find myself watching highlights from last weekend's professional tournament.

My seat was on the thirty-yard line, between a fresh-faced coed and an Old Grad already hollering himself raw.

Bradford Carroll, accompanied by a coed to whom he was secretly married, registered in at a local tourist court at ten o'clock last night.

In case you're wondering, the lavatories are coed, too, and are about ten meters to your right up the aisle.

It was wrong that my rapist assumed he was untouchable or that as a Syracuse coed I was most certainly treated better by the police.

In the halls of the courthouse we looked like what we were: a coed and her youthful mother figure.

I had black and I had red, neither of which was an appropriate choice for the virgin coed the grand jury would expect.

I could pretend that I was a normal college coed whose life revolved as much around my classes and food runs to Marshall Street as it did a rape trial.

Even the grumpy old professor of Mathematics, who detested coeds, and had bitterly opposed their admission to Redmond, couldn't floor her.

The slightly uppity Duke coeds were among the very finest and most "contemporary" American women.

He studied shapely young coeds, older women professors, and female visitors in the Duke Blue Devils T-shirts that seemed de rigueur for outsiders.

Duke coeds were being asked to sign in and out of dorms, he elaborated.

And then there were the lovely young coeds, long legs flashing by, skirts swirling and flirting, practically begging to be snapped up by a not particularly bad looking former SEAL.

At the momcnt, my biggest worry is that I’ll collapse on the sidewalk in front of the Kappa Omega house and he swarmed by hysterical coeds bearing herb tea.

It was not difficult to wiggle her way into Twiller’s bed, as countless coeds will attest.