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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"hut built over a mine shaft," 1650s, from some source akin to Dutch kouw, German kaue in the same sense, from West Germanic *kauja-, an early borrowing of Latin cavea "hollow," from cavus "a hollow" (see cave (n.)).


init. 1 Code of Ethics (?) 2 College of Education/Engineering (?) 3 Center of Excellence


COE may refer to:

  • Cab Over Engine (more often "cab-over"), a truck body style
  • Center of excellence, a formally appointed, and informally accepted, body of knowledge and experience on the subject area
    • NATO Centres of Excellence
    • Afghanistan-Pakistan Center of Excellence
  • Centre of the Earth Environmental Education Centre, located in Birmingham, England
  • Certificate of Entitlement, a means of taxation of vehicle ownership in Singapore
  • Círculo Odinista Europeo (European Odinist Circle), a Germanic neopaganism organization in Spain
  • Chamber Orchestra of Europe
  • Church of England, the officially established Christian church in England
  • Church of Euthanasia, a dadaist political organization
  • Claremorris Open Exhibition, an annual arts exhibition in Claremorris, County Mayo, Ireland
  • Close of escrow, in real estate; see Closing (real estate)
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion, a measure of the change in volume or length of an object in relation to changes in the object's temperature
  • Coeur d'Alene Airport, Idaho, United States, IATA airport code
  • College of Education, a college or university with primary focus on training schoolteachers
  • College of Engineering, one of many Schools of engineering
  • Colorado and Eastern Railroad, reporting mark
  • Common Operating Environment, alternate form of Standard Operating Environment
  • Compulsive overeating, characterized by an addiction to food
  • Computer Engineering, a discipline in Engineering
  • Círculo Odinista Europeo, Spanish Odinist Community
  • Connection-oriented Ethernet, a high performance implementation of Metro/Carrier Ethernet networking used to deliver point-to-point or point-to-multipoint Ethernet services
  • Conservation of energy, in physics, a concept embodied by the First Law of Thermodynamics
  • Contingent owned equipment, a designation for equipment brought to United Nations peacekeeping missions by UN member states
  • Cost of equity, in finance, the rate of return on investment that is required by the company's ordinary shareholders
  • Council of Elders (disambiguation), various
  • Council of Europe, an international organization of 47 member states in the European region
  • Council on Occupational Education
  • Comtel Air, ICAO airline designator
  • Comité Olímpico Español, Spanish Olympic Committee
  • Torchwood: Children of Earth, the third series of Torchwood
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers, a federal agency and a major U.S. Army command

Coe may refer to:

  • Coe College, a private college located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
  • Coe, Indiana, an unincorporated community
  • Coe Township, Michigan, a township in Isabella County, Michigan, United States
  • Coe Rail, Inc.
Coe (surname)

Coe is a surname of English origin. At the time of the British Census of 1881, its frequency was highest in Northamptonshire (8.9 times the British average), followed by Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex, Leicestershire, Huntingdonshire, Surrey, London and Kent. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alexander Paul Coe (born 1969), better known by his stage name Sasha (DJ), Welsh DJ
  • Barry Coe (born 1934), actor
  • Charles Robert "Charlie" Coe (1923 – 2001) was an American golfer
  • Christine Sadler Coe (1902–1983), American journalist
  • Cornelius Coe (born 1975), American football player
  • David Coe (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Douglas Coe, director of The Fellowship Christian organization
  • Dawn Coe-Jones, Canadian golfer
  • Edwin Coe (1840-1909), American newspaper editor and politician
  • Ernest F. Coe (1866–1951), American landscape designer
  • Frank Coe, American Treasury official, and suspected Soviet spy who fled to China
  • Henry Huttleston Rogers Coe, American businessman
  • Henry Waldo Coe, American frontier physician and politician
  • George Coe, American actor
  • George Coe (Michigan politician) (1811-1869), American politician, Lt. Governor of Michigan
  • Gideon Coe, British radio presenter
  • Jack Coe, American tent evangelist
  • John D. Coe (1755-1824), New York politician
  • John W. Coe (1839–1890), New York politician
  • Jonas Coe (1805-1864), also known as Juan Coe, Uruguayan/Argentinian naval officer
  • Jonathan Coe, British novelist
  • Kevin Coe, convicted rapist from Spokane, Washington
  • Levin Hudson Coe (1806-1850), nominated for Vice President of the United States in 1848
  • Mary (Mai) Huttleston Rogers Coe, wife of William Robertson Coe
  • Michael D. Coe, American anthropologist
  • Natalie Mai Vitetti (née Coe), daughter of William Rogers Coe
  • Nathan Coe, Australian soccer player
  • Paul Coe, Indigenous Australian rights activist
  • Peter Coe (1919-2008), Athletics coach; father of Sebastian Coe
  • Richard Coe, American theatre critic
  • Robert Douglas Coe, British ambassador
  • Ron Coe (1933-1988), English professional cyclist
  • Sebastian Coe (born 1956), British athlete and politician
  • Sue Coe (born 1951), English artist and illustrator
  • Tony Coe, musician
  • Tucker Coe, a pseudonym of American writer Donald E. Westlake
  • William Robertson Coe, American businessman
  • William Rogers Coe (1901-1971), American businessman

Usage examples of "coe".

Like a literalist from a liturgy, or coed from a cathartic feature film: nothing more important, easier than being a little kinder.

She would make a quick report with underspeech and scenting, before the heavily supervised, once-a-week, coed outdoor activity began.

Len Belzer and Donna Coe, a writer from the New York Post, were in the audience.