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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ In 534 the emperor codified the law.
▪ In 1941, Roosevelt conceded failure and Congress summoned the courage to codify the date in law.
▪ Would it seek merely to codify the existing case law or to reform on the existing case law?
▪ The purpose for which such financial powers are used are not codified in law.
▪ The agreement must still be codified by federal legislation.
▪ His call for a new spirit of experimental investigation was later codified and converted into a more concrete programme by Francis Bacon.
▪ In 1941, Roosevelt conceded failure and Congress summoned the courage to codify the date in law.
▪ In 534 the emperor codified the law.
▪ Institutions have regulations, codified systems of behavior, organizational flow charts, and job descriptions.
▪ It codified democratic rights and freedoms including freedom of speech, assembly and association, and private ownership.
▪ New nations from the eighteenth century onward have found it both necessary and useful to codify their constitutions.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Codify \Co"di*fy\ (? or ?; 277), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Codified; p. pr. & vb. n. Codifying.] [Code + -fy: cf. F. codifier.] To reduce to a code, as laws.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1800, from code (n.) + -fy. Related: codified; codifying.


vb. 1 To reduce to a code, to arrange into a code. 2 To collect and arrange in a systematic form.

  1. v. organize into a code or system, such as a body of law; "Hamurabi codified the laws"

  2. [also: codified]

Usage examples of "codify".

It was the French algebraists in the sixteenth century who fully codified this system.

Strange how rules of the road that were codified for horses in Europe long before anyone outside the Middle East was flying carpets still govern the way we handle traffic.

The Korban Bath Rules will probably remain unwritten for many a day, but I earnestly hope that before next summer the traditions and etiquette of bath-warfare as between individual hotel-visitors will be codified and issued in an intelligible form.

Evans-Tindale Bill codifies the various provisions of the Nunberg Act, and creates a new entity within the Treasury Department that will have enforcement responsibility on the nets, replacing the patchwork system currently in place.

Raf justified by telling himself that Arabic script had a minimum of six styles, codified in Baghdad by Vizir Ibn Muqla at the beginning of the tenth century.

They seem to have started as polytheists of the routine sort and then, very suddenly, became the first monotheistic religion in human history, and codified that religion with a series of laws and customs.

Verite than in Virtu, different in all sorts of subtle ways that I cannot codify for you.

Umberleigh was born to legislate, codify, administrate, censor, license, ban, execute, and sit in judgement generally.

Such a philosophy was codified during the days of World War I with the practice of triage, the separation of victims from survivors.

She began to slip them one by one through her fingers, exactly as her father had done, and her grandfather, and her great-grandfather, performing a family legacy of precise, codified, thorough worrying.

Security Council Resolution 687, the cease-fire resolution, which codified the post-Gulf War U.

Grammar, with its mixture of logical rule and arbitrary usage, proposes to a young mind a foretaste of what will be offered to him later on by law and ethics, those sciences of human conduct, and by all the systems wherein man has codified his instinctive experience.

X and his (male) companions observed with scientific de-tachment the relationship between Babygirl and He (as, in codified shorthand, they referred to him): how, initially, the pair resisted each other most strenuously, even hysterically, Babygirl shrieking even through the gag stuffed in her mouth as He was netted in the bed with her, such a struggle, such acrobatics, He squeaking in animal panic edged with indignant rage, biting, clawing, fighting as if for His very life, and Babygirl, despite her flaccid muscles and her seem-ingly indolent ways, putting up a fight as if for her very life!

For the first time in centuries, the law of Rome would be codified, interpreted and enforced by the best man for the task.

With the pressure on corporate profits that began in the early 1970s came a big attack on the whole social contract that had developed through a century of struggle and had been kind of codified around the end of the Second World War with the New Deal and the European social welfare states and so on.