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n. (plural of code English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: code)

Codes (band)

Codes are an Irish indie electronic quartet from Dublin, consisting of Daragh Anderson, Eoin Stephens, Niall Woods and Raymond Hogge. Their debut album Trees Dream in Algebra was nominated for the 2010 Choice Music Prize. The band have established themselves swiftly as a very exciting and energetic live act.

Usage examples of "codes".

My goal has been twofold: to narrate the development of the various methods of making and breaking codes and ciphers, and to tell how these methods have affected men.

An odd characteristic is that nomenclators were always written on large folded sheets of paper, whereas modern codes are almost invariably in book or booklet form.

More and more codes were broken, and as the international situation stimulated an increasing flow of intercepts, the magic intelligence approached flood stage.

It printed new editions of codes and ciphers and distributed them, and contracted with manufacturers for cipher machines.

Chinese ideographic code list, and codes bearing kata kana names, such as ta, ji, or hen, it relied in the main on four systems.

PA-K2 only because higher-level codes had been destroyed December 2 on orders from Tokyo.

Here prevailed a succession of codes called tsu by the Japanese and the J series by Americans.

Yardley had written disclosing his 1920 solution of Japanese diplomatic codes, asked the cable chief, Kazuji Kameyama, whether their current diplomatic communications were secure.

The Army and Navy high command universally regarded the destruction of codes as virtual certainty that war would break out within the next few days.

The diplomats go home, and they can pack up their codes with their dolls and take them home.

Japanese naval codes had achieved some minor successes in late October and November, but he could read only about 10 per cent of the naval traffic, and much of this consisted of weather and other minor systems.

Woodward, 39, who had had some experience with Japanese diplomatic codes at the Shanghai station from 1938 to 1940.

It was the long-awaited winds code execute, apparently sent indicating war with Britain to make sure that some Japanese outpost that had not reported destroying its codes by the codeword haruna Would burn them.

The brokers and traders soon realized that the main advantage of these codes was their economy.

And French solution of Italian and German diplomatic codes, which allowed her to read critical German messages on.