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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
colour coded
▪ The report was brief, no more than a single line of coded message, yet it was significant.
▪ All of which brings us back to the 1987 State of World Population Report and its coded messages.
▪ Computer tags carry a coded message which the computer at the cash desk can read.
▪ Generally, this coded message contains information about the item: its stock code number, size, colour etc.
▪ The court found the idea of Mr Warner unconsciously communicating coded messages to Samuel's fellow criminals quite ridiculous.
▪ Vidalin was among many who transmitted coded messages to the Resistance.
▪ What are we to make of these coded messages that go on bombarding us in their attempt to break through?
▪ Beatrice's column provides a coded guide to their affair.
▪ One room could be filled entirely with keyboards, which operated by punching coded perforations on to a roll of paper ribbon.
▪ That is to say, is it a coded account of its own contradictions that come out in reading?
▪ The report was brief, no more than a single line of coded message, yet it was significant.
▪ These codes are then inserted in each of the sense definitions to create a corpus of coded definitions.
▪ These transmit coded signals containing information from highly accurate atomic clocks on board.
▪ You won't see all this fancy formatting on your document; it's all carried out by coded instructions.
  1. encoded, written in code or cipher. v

  2. (en-past of: code)

Usage examples of "coded".

It is coded classified, but Admiral Barnstable has given permission to allow you to see it.

Set above the handle of the locked door were four metal tumblers, coded to some pattern, for the handle would not move at her touch although the tumblers rolled easily under her thumb.

I have coded it with information from our various tapes and files about this planet.

Sassinak put a single coded message burst onto the tightest focus she could manage, and then waited.

Yes, after six boring repetitions, which any ordinary rescuer must have assumed would go on until the end, we found a sixty second delay - presumably the number of repetitions coded the length of the following delay - and then the real message.

And I know the release syllables they coded into your panel not seven days ago!

She grabbed a com circuit and coded out the contact number Sinor had given her, hoping it was something without too much of a lag time.

  Each entry included a hologram, academic record, and a coded strip, obscuring private details from prying eyes but the open information reassured the Rowan.

The wiring seems to be coded by an imbedded design since there wouldn't be sufficient light to see colour.

Cursing, Killashandra strode to the console, coded the number Mirbethan had given her.

Whittaker Fiske received the coded messages from Johnny Greene with concern and no little dismay--particularly the second one, the one Johnny sent him after he first returned to the north.

Nothing that I can hear since all those coded messages stopped shooting back and forth.

The space was full of sacks, each tagged with some sort of coded label.

Fortunately, no one there understood the coded messages, although they must have recognized that the drum tower was unusually busy.

On the other hand, it might have been Vielle, paging her to tell her about a patient who'd coded and might have had an NDE.