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Codd is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bernard Codd (died 2013), English motorcycle racer
  • Edgar F. Codd (1923–2003), British computer scientist
  • Frederick Codd (1832–), English Gothic revival architect
  • Hiram Codd (1838–1887), English engineer who invented and patented the Codd Bottle
  • Leslie Edward Wostall Codd (1908–1999), South African botanist
  • Mike Codd (1939–), former senior Australian public servant

Usage examples of "codd".

The priest saw Orkwood of Orkmont catch him by one arm to hold him up, whilst Left-Hand Lucas Codd took the twisted black horn from his hands.

Left-Hand Lucas Codd and Quellon Humble had torn tapestries off the walls to serve as cloaks.

Left-Hand Lucas Codd and Quellon Humble had torn tapestries off the walls to A FLAST FOR CROWS 437 serve as cloaks.

And so the untiring and ingenious Codd proceeded making his case unnaturally good.

I was not cast down by the mere apprehension, or rather the mere possibility of failure, for when I looked round on my competitors I was encouraged by the thought that dear old Woollet knew more about a rate appeal than Littledale himself, while old Peter Ryland, with his inimitable Saxon, was quite as good at the irremovability of a pauper as Codd was in accounting for the illegal removal of a duck, and both in their several branches of knowledge more learned than Alderson or Bayley.

William Codd, and when Bishop John Russell held a visitation in 1485 he was accused of practising unlawful arts.

Holding his weapon a little tighter, Codd checked to make double sure there was a high-explosive shell in the launching chamber before moving past the stain.

He possessed a certain vicious charm that constituted something of an attractant to the ladies and allowed him to get into places and away with things that defeated less animated types like Codd and Johns.

Cape Cod buff, a true-blue Cape Codder, romping and gambolling there annually with his extended family.

Not like America, where spavined Alabaman must mingle with Virginian nabob, where tormented Lithuanian must extend his hand to the seven-foot Cape Codder with those true-blue eyes.