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n. (CODA English)

Usage examples of "codas".

If the overdose of tedium didn’t take any of the starch out of the Traveller delegation, it could only be due to their bizarre practice of spending all of every Sundy listening to a single extended sermon, with elaborate developments and codas and commentaries and extrapolations, and emendations on the extrapolations, and scattering slightly truncated versions of the same throughout the rest of the week.

He had been told in baroque detail what an utter, despicable, pathetic, unspeakable, pigheaded, stupid, fool male he was, with elaborations and codas and emendations to spare, before Troublesome said another word.

Blows--a great hand hammering into a thick solid body--added codas to the crackling of the fires.

Pete Marino has difficulties with endings, with codas, with anything that is over, finished, spent or dead.