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n. (plural of coco English)


Cocos may refer to:

Usage examples of "cocos".

On to the well-watered, tree-covered Cocos Island, inhabited by boobies and man-of-war birds, a wonderfully welcome refreshment in spite of blinding rain and even fog - on to the shores of Guatemala, to the inhospitable island of Socorro, to Roca Partida, where the sharks were so fierce bold and ravenous that fishing was very nearly impossible - they took almost everything that was hooked, and the tackle too, and one rose to seize a man's hand over the gunwhale.

At the leading edge, the Cocos plate attacked the Caribbean plate far faster than it could be subducted.

Between erosion and the slowing of the Cocos plate to merely three times the speed of any other plate on Earth, the highest peaks are now only some ninety-five hundred meters above sea level.

Then, suddenly, the Cocos plate started moving northward with far more speed and force than any tectonic movement ever recorded.

Then there'll be only the Cocos Islands to worry about, as far as land is concerned.

Stamm ran across an old map in his travels, which antedated, by many years, the original British survey of Cocos Island of 1838.

There's no doubt that landslides and tropical rains have altered the topography of Cocos Island, and many of the old landmarks have doubtless disappeared.

Don't forget, he had been on the trip to Cocos Island with Stamm and was familiar with the possibilities of diving suits.